I-Team: Mass General Residents Tried to Bring Rifles to Hospital

BOSTON – A General, Massachusetts employee has been charged after police said he tried to bring a rifle into a hospital Wednesday night.

Police said the man told him over the phone that God told him to bring out the rifle and that he heard police trying to kill him. Police continued to make phone calls during the search and attempted to track his location on cell phone towers.

According to I-Team officials, the man appeared to be a resident of MGH and was hallucinating, and the murder weapon was an unloaded rifle.

Police eventually said the man had arrived at the MGH and was greeted by security outside. Security guards allegedly told him to put what he had on the ground, which turned out to be a rifle wrapped in a shower curtain.

Police secured a gun and took the man to the emergency room. He is currently undergoing psychiatric treatment and will be charged with illegally possessing a gun.

“Patients were unaffected and the hospital continued to operate as normal,” General Brigham said in a statement. “We thank all those involved, including our colleagues and the Boston Police Department, for their prompt action.”

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