I have to take nerve meds to deal with my in-laws

Dear Abby: My in-laws live out of state and were with us when they visited. I told her husband that when our son was born, we would need to stay in a hotel because we had run out of rooms.

They are also the most rude house guests and I have terrible insomnia. My MIL only talks to me when my husband is around and my FIL complains about everything — our The streaming service says they need to buy more towels and complains about the lack of soda.

I have tried to explain to my husband that they send my anxiety to the next dimension but he doesn’t understand because nothing happens when he is around. I had to ask for a prescription for a small amount of medicine.

They are staying in a hotel, so they are complaining about costs and accommodations. I offered to pay the rent, but my mother-in-law told my husband that she would buy a chaise longue for our house so they could stay here again.

I try to tell my husband all the reasons why this is not good, but we always end up in arguments.

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