How to make Tears of the Kingdom Bonus Heart Food

Want to know how to make bonus heart food? tears of the kingdomIn addition to finding rare weapons, clearing shrines, and progressing through the game’s story, cooking is an important part of gameplay.? After all, no matter what abilities Link has, eating a good meal makes him even stronger. Depending on the materials you collect, you can restore health, gain some immunity, or even get bonus hearts. The latter is especially useful when fighting bosses stronger than you. So we are here to help you and teach you how to cook Bonus Heart Food. tears of the kingdom.

How to make Tears of the Kingdom Bonus Heart Food

Tears of the kingdom and plenty of truffles

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To cook bonus heart food tears of the kingdomYou will need unique hearty ingredients such as hearty truffles and hearty radishes. For hearty truffles, head southwest of central Hyrule and visit Hyrule Fields. You can also head southeast and collect this product at West Necruda. Hearty truffles prefer moist, dark places, so they can be found in caves, valleys, and at the foot of mountains. However, because of its color, this truffle is well hidden in the color of the earth and is difficult to notice.

Hearty radishes can also be found in the Hyrule surface area. Go to Ceres Scabrlands, Wetland Stables, Torin Wetlands and other locations to explore the local grasslands. You will notice purple flowers sticking out of the ground and you can collect voluminous radishes.


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Cooking Bonus Heart Food


Image Source: Tears of the Kingdom via The Nerd Stash

Finally, having gathered the necessary ingredients, you can proceed to cooking. As mentioned earlier, all foods with the Hearty property have special effects when cooked. So just add hearty truffles or similar ingredients to the pot and you’ll get a meal with a bonus heart effect.

For example, you can put hearty truffles and meat in a pan to create hearty meat and mushroom skewers. Alternatively, you can use hearty radishes and herbs and flowers to make hearty deep-fried wild greens. At the same time, please note that the number of bonus hearts depends on the amount of ingredients used in the cooking process. Simply put, the more Hearty products you have, the more bonus hearts you get.

tears of the kingdom Available on Nintendo Switch.

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