House Bill Passes to Block Health Insurance for Transgender Youth

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana — House Bill 648, which was intended to ban Louisiana from providing any gender-affirming care to transgender children, has been defeated.

A Louisiana Senate committee meeting Wednesday said a bill banning gender-affirming medicine for transgender youth would ban surgeries and the use of hormones and protect anti-pubertal drugs. .

KATC is relieved that the bill has been scrapped, and spoke to one parent who ultimately feels that the choice to receive health care should be between the parent, the child, and the health care provider. I heard

“Parents are involved in this issue every step of the way and we are children’s experts and know what is best for their children,” Kathleen Hyde said.

Senator Fred Mills (R-Parks) had a tie-vote and has faced significant backlash from the Louisiana Republican Party on social media since the decision.

Rep. Gabe Ferment (R, Pollock) said in a statement to KATC that he was unhappy with the ruling.

“I am deeply disappointed with the outcome of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee today. HB648 is simply protecting Louisiana children from experimental and often irreversible gender reassignment surgery.”

Senator Mills said the report from LDH influenced his decision to vote against the bill.

From 2017 to 2021, no gender reassignment surgery was performed on transgender youth in Louisiana, according to the report.

Hyde is the mother of a transgender child, and both were present at the rally. Hear the results at the Louisiana State Capitol. She said this is a monumental step forward for her son’s rights in the state they love.

“I’m his parent for a reason, and it’s to protect his rights,” Hyde said. “His ability to live freely in a world that is not always friendly to him or people like him is just as entitled as his right to exist here, and his right to access health care here. I have.”

Republicans are asking the Senate to nullify the committee’s vote and put the bill on the floor.

“Today the silence of public voices in the state Senate committee room is disappointing. Louisiana remains the only Southern state that allows children to be harmed by these experimental methods. We ask that you continue to fight to pass this bill and protect the children of Louisiana at all costs, despite the forces allied against us,” Ferment said.

Advocates agree that the battle isn’t over yet, but it’s an important step for LGBTQ+ youth in Louisiana.

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