Hospital management suspected of stealing medical equipment, credit cards from employees

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HEVER CITY — An employee at Heber Valley Hospital has been accused of using an access badge to enter a restricted area and steal items from the hospital and the personal belongings of colleagues.

Jason Browner, 45, was arrested Wednesday in an investigation into three counts of theft and four counts of illegal possession of financial cards. Browner was incarcerated at the Wasatch County Jail under three separate case investigations dating back to April 25.

Browner is the hospital’s director of environmental services, police said.

On April 25, a woman reported to the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office that cash cards and other items had been stolen from her locker, according to a police reservation affidavit.

“She said someone stole credit cards and cash from her wallet while she was working at Heber Valley Medical Center from April 20 to April 25. He said he left his wallet in a locker located in the room.To access the room, you must use your assigned identification badge, which unlocks the door,” the affidavit reads. increase.

Later that night, the woman receives a notice that her credit card has been used at Sandy’s store.

When the agent was investigating the theft, he said, “We found that a second employee’s locker had also been robbed and personal belongings had been stolen. The second employee’s locker was located in a male-only locker room. I needed an ID card to enter the room.” The deputy said in an affidavit that he believed his items were taken while on duty on April 27.

On April 28, a second employee reported that the missing credit card had been used at the Cottonwood Heights store. According to the affidavit, the lieutenant went to the store and collected surveillance video of a man and a woman using stolen credit cards. After showing the video images to hospital administrators, the man was identified as Brauner.

“They said Jason is currently on parental leave and has spoken out about a possible visit to California. The missing items came from various parts of the hospital that required badge access. ” the affidavit states.

On May 8, an employee at the Utah Ear, Nose and Throat Center reported that their office had been burgled.

“According to employees, an unknown individual took approximately $26,000 worth of medical equipment, and there was no evidence of forced entry into the center,” the affidavit states.

According to the affidavit, hospital security called police on May 11 that they found a surveillance video from an ear, nose and throat center that “showed Jason taking out an item.”

On Wednesday, “Jason was found removing additional stolen supplies from the hospital. Jason was taken into custody and taken to the sheriff’s office for questioning,” the affidavit said. . “Jason has confirmed that he had items from the center and may have kept them in his home. Efforts to retrieve the items from Jason’s residence continue.”

“Hever Valley Hospital expects the highest ethical standards from its employees and does not comment on specific employment matters,” the hospital said in a brief statement provided to

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