Hillsborough County – Educators at Hillsborough County schools learn about wastewater treatment processes

Teachers observing a sewage treatment plant

Posted May 8, 2023 | 4:16 PM

Tampa Baywater Grants Focused on Conserving Water Resources Funded Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

A group of Hillsborough County Schools teachers stepped into the world of water conservation when they spent the night at the Hillsborough County Wastewater Treatment facility on North Falkenburg Road. Participants enjoyed a tour and detailed overview of the wastewater treatment process and how it is treated for reuse as reclaimed water. Educators were also provided with information about how sewage lift stations and pipelines contribute to keeping the water safe for county residents.

A group of Hillsborough County educators recently toured the county's wastewater treatment facility.

The County has five wastewater treatment plants that treat approximately 45 million gallons of wastewater each day.

Eric Van Spalentak, a seventh-grade science teacher at Jennings Middle School in Sefner, said he enjoyed the tour and presentation.

“I like to go outside the classroom and see everything,” said Sparrentak. “I am impressed with the conservation work.”

This workshop was part of a grant the Tampa Bay Times Newspaper in Education program received from Tampa Bay Water. Across the region, there were three of his professional development opportunities focused on water resource conservation.county Environmental Service Division Hosted an educator.

Photo Information: Recently, a group of Hillsborough County educators toured the county’s wastewater treatment plant.

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