Hilarious ‘John Wick’ parody imagines a fast-food-loving version of ‘John Thicke’ Keanu Reeves

John Wick once killed three guys in a bar with a pencil, but that’s nothing compared to John Thicke’s cholesterol-rich hijinks.

To celebrate the release of Chapter 4 (This Friday in theaters everywhere), Paradox Studios filmmaker Caden Butera has released a hilariously original production. John Wick A parody short presenting a junk food loving version of the unstoppable assassin made famous by Keanu Reeves.

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“I have a filmmaking buddy named Max Jordan. He’s not as skinny as I am,” Boutella told SYFY WIRE via email. was already growing a Keanu beard when a friend of ‘s said they should do a Keanu Reeves parody, Max uttered the words “John Thicke” and the rest is history.I went home and wrote a script straight away.”

You should check out now.

Filmed over three days, this short recreates the poignant events of the 2014 original (now streaming on Peacock). However, instead of killing John’s dog, the mercenaries decide to eat donuts that the retired hitman has set aside for later. As you might have guessed, Mr. Schick — known in the criminal underworld as “Blobayaga” — isn’t going to let this lie down, but creatively make it at home using only the high-calorie ingredients in his kitchen. Start kicking out intruders. French fries and burritos go from fast food to deadly weapon.

“In my opinion, you always get the best results by setting a ‘theme’ for your battle scenes (i.e. john wick 3). I started by writing down the funniest food to hit someone with and jumped off from there!” says Boutella, who choreographed the action with Jordan and his brother Rylan Boutella.[We] It took us so long to capture some of the weirdest images ever made into a film (namely, nacho cheese killing a tactical henchman). Thank you to all the volunteers who donated their time, talent and donuts to ”

He concludes: John Wick The franchise is known, but with its own layer of satirical flair. The action that director Chad Stahelski and his team pulled off was incredible. So I figured if I could achieve even 1/10th of his intensity, the joke would come through. ”

John Wick: Chapter 4 Hit it big this Friday — March 24th. Click here to purchase movie tickets. It currently holds an incredibly fresh score of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes (the highest rating in the entire franchise, by the way).

John Thicke

John Thicke

John Thicke Photo: Paradox Studio

Get refreshed with puppy snuggles and shootouts in the first three John Wick movies. He is currently streaming on Peacock.



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