Here’s how the merger of AU Health and Wellstar will change philanthropic health policy

FILE - AU Health campus on January 4, 2023. Augusta University Health System and Wellstar Health System announced Friday, March 31, 2023, that they will now form Wellstar MCG Health.

Most of the changes that will be made when Wellstar takes over AU Health operations will be on the back end, but once the transaction is complete, the clock will start with one policy change that could affect multiple patients.

The new Wellstar MCG Health will continue the current AU Health Poor and Charity Care Policy for the first year. A year later, the new organization switches to Welstar policy.

Earlier this month, documents were first published outlining the process for Wellstar to become the sole corporate member of AU Health. The 89 documents submitted to the Attorney General’s Office for regular legal review outline what has changed and what has not.

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