Healthcare Simulation in VA Tests Innovation, Builds Better Veteran Care

In 2022, the VHA’s Simulation Learning, Assessment, Evaluation and Research Network (SimLEARN) will develop medical simulation-based training, exercises, and tests to ensure the most effective care for our veterans safely and proactively. We have continuously demonstrated the need. Many of the program’s goals, benchmarks and aspirations are outlined in his recently released 2022 Annual Report. But what stands out most is the progress SimLEARN has led in healthcare and the benefits that work brings to veteran care.

Healthcare simulation promotes safer care

SimLEARN trains veteran care professionals in best practices, new modalities of care, integration of new technologies, and optimal healthcare facility design through its specialty-based portfolio. In 2022, Learning Management Portfolio, responsible for managing and standardizing training in the above areas, significantly expanded its footprint with the establishment of his SimLEARN Innovation Centers for Education in 66 of his VA medical centers nationwide. .

This nearly four-fold increase will enable more localized and consistent training at facilities to optimize care for veterans wherever they are. This is a great example of how SimLEARN is accelerating the speed at which simulation-based tools get into the hands of healthcare providers. The result is a dramatic reduction in safety risks to patients throughout the preparation.

Another prime example of this safety risk reduction is the Assessment Coordination and Outreach (ACO) portfolio, which discovered 294 potential safety threats during hospital activation through 73 simulation scenarios. These safety measures include improvements to the very buildings where veterans receive care. ACO also used new “digital twin” technology to virtually plan and simulate hospital layouts and designs, discovering 125 ways to improve employee and patient flow.

Impacting Veteran Care through Healthcare Simulation Training

Other SimLEARN portfolios have supported advancements in healthcare simulation within the specialty. For example, our clinical training and engagement portfolio expands its effectiveness by offering simulation-based training in various areas of medicine, including airway management in and out of the operating room, dental simulation, musculoskeletal examination, and virtual health. I spent a year doing

Finally, the resuscitation and education innovation portfolio continued to expand its leadership role in cardiac arrest resuscitation, training more than 250,000 VHA staff members in resuscitation quality improvement (RQI) techniques. This led the American Heart Association to certify her RQI as the gold standard for training. More importantly, this training directly led to the saving of five of her veterans’ lives by Veterans Affairs personnel.

The Future of Healthcare Simulation with SimLEARN

Over the past year, SimLEARN has experienced incredible growth and transformation, paving the way for the future of veteran health care. One of the biggest steps towards this was launching and establishing a simulation validation, evaluation and test portfolio. This portfolio tests clinical software applications and medical devices in a fail-safe simulated clinical environment to ensure new solutions work reliably for both healthcare providers and veteran patients. themselves. At the moment, SimVET is committed to discovering the true effects of advanced healthcare tools such as VR, holograms and interconnected care through his 5G technology.

SimLEARN is powered by a Support Operations Portfolio that oversees all logistics and coordination, and will scale all of these efforts towards 2023 to deliver the best possible results through standardized, innovative and proven training and technology effectiveness. We look forward to enabling you to build a healthcare system for

This is just a small part of SimLEARN’s 2022 accomplishments, and if you’d like to learn more about SimLEARN’s ongoing efforts to advance veteran health care, check out the SimLEARN 2022 Annual Report.

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