Health tech company LOGEX strengthens international healthcare collaboration

This investment will enable LOGEX to further develop software as a service (SaaS) solutions, enable connectivity among European healthcare providers, and introduce innovative technologies into new markets.

“Our team is working to perfect a SaaS solution that will allow hospitals across Europe to connect with each other and access useful information,” said Philipp Jan Flach, CEO of LOGEX.

“Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all European healthcare providers can benefit from actionable insights from our data so that we can improve the care of European patients without increasing the cost of care. It is to make

Philipp Jan Flach, CEO, LOGEX Healthcare Analytics

Founded in 2008, LOGEX says its mission is to transform data into better healthcare. The company provides software solutions and expert consulting services that provide healthcare providers with insight into costs, treatment pathways and clinical outcomes, as well as digital tools to enhance patient care.

According to Flach, who is also a trained clinician, one of the main challenges in European medicine is the unwarranted variation in treatment and outcomes from country to country. He believes this variability is often due to a lack of compelling insight into the efficacy of particular treatments.

“If international sharing of real-world data becomes the norm, real-world evidence will be much more convincing thanks to much larger amounts of input data,” Flach explained.

Fragmented market challenges

The European healthcare market is complex and fragmented, with a wide variety of national delivery models, reimbursement strategies, data formats and regulations.

“Launching an international project is no easy task, let alone creating a unified international framework that allows for systematic and ongoing cooperation,” Flach continued.

LOGEX believes technology can play a key role in overcoming some of these challenges. A recent investment from Thoma Bravo will help achieve the company’s vision to enable all European healthcare providers to benefit from data-driven insights and drive improved patient care.

Best practice export

With a current presence in 10 European markets, LOGEX gains an international perspective on the value of interoperability and collaboration in healthcare.

“LOGEX knows what is the best part of all: the NHS, the Finnish social care and health system, the Swedish regional approach, the Dutch focus on good care, just to name a few. ” said Flach. “Many great ideas are exportable. This gives us the opportunity to play a role in helping providers adopt international medical best practices.”

With its software solutions, expert consulting and international perspective, LOGEX aims to overcome the challenges of fragmentation and drive positive change in the European healthcare market.

LOGEX will be exhibiting at HIMSS Europe in Lisbon this June. Learn more about our company here.

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