Health insurance challenges facing many New Yorkers

ROCHESTER, NY — While most U.S. employees have recently renewed or changed health insurance providers, there are also 26-year-olds trying to navigate the world of health insurance on their own throughout the year.

As Sean Healy prepares to make decisions every time he turns 26, he says: He faces when they are kicked out of their parent’s compensation plan.

What you need to know

  • For a 26-year-old new to market shopping, health insurance can be a difficult decision.
  • Sean owns a videography business called Lightly Salted Production.
  • Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield offers one-on-one time with our clients to find the best coverage for everyone.
  • Additional services to help you navigate the world of health insurance are available at

But for Healy, hopping on his employer’s health insurance plan isn’t such an easy decision.

“I’m self-employed. I make videos,” he explained.

Healey’s hobby became his career several years ago when he decided to start a videography business called Lightly Salted Production.

“At the moment, anything and everything,” said Healy. “I do weddings, do commercial work, and do a lot of social media management for my clients. I really like making music videos. I make a lot of music myself. There is always room to relate to the people there.”

Healey says he enjoys having the freedom to work for himself from home.

“I like being able to wake up in the morning, make a cup of coffee, sit at my desk, and crank,” he said.

But since he first started shopping for health insurance, his to-do list has continued to grow.

“The thought of turning 26 and being responsible for my own medical bills means I’m incurring this extra expense, and it’s a really big one,” Healy said.

He says working for himself means he can choose coverage as much as he likes.

Experts agree that having all the options in the world can be a confusing process for people of all ages.

Todd Muscatello, Senior Vice President, Segment Strategy and Performance, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, said:

Muscatello explains that having the opportunity to speak one-on-one with an expert helps clients understand all their options.

“There are many ways to go with this person outside of your parent’s policy,” Muscatello said. You will want to buy it.”

But healthcare prices can be a tough pill to swallow for the 26-year-old who’s stepped into the world of health insurance.

“$1000 in medical bills? That’s basically what I’m paying for rent. That’s crazy, right?” Healy said.

For many 26-year-olds who are healthy for their age, choosing simple coverage may seem like a simple process, but health adds to Healey’s list of concerns.

“I have many doctors,” Healy said. “I have a peanut allergy, something wrong with my skin, I’ve seen a gastroenterologist, and I have a liver condition.”

Healy explains that the condition of the liver is a big fear for him, as he anticipates needing a liver transplant at some point in his life, but he knows when that day will come and when he will “need it most”. will be

“You can come up with a not-so-good plan that doesn’t offer much surgery right now, but when the time comes, just come up with a plan that’s really profitable for surgery. I don’t know,” Healy said. $200,000? And I’m ruining myself financially just because I had this terrible ride on my liver. ”

Healy is using this experience to creatively advance the next chapter of his life.

“It’s a lot of money you know and you need it, so you need to be a little crafty about your options, so it’s worth doing your homework,” he said.

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