Health Equity Fellow Says Family Medicine Was ‘Made for Her Job’

Hear Beiter in her own words, including these highlights, in this video interview.

On her passion for health equity: “Health care is a basic human right and I believe that health care should be fair and of good quality for all…I studied medicine to help people. We want every patient to be happy, live a fulfilling life, and I think achieving health equity is how we give that opportunity to everyone.”

about the patient’s experience: “I have been in the practice for several years…with my practice partners, I have developed several protocols for medical assistants to collect information about my sexual orientation…become gay. He saw me as a patient and feared the stigma of being a gay man and the discrimination he had faced in the past, and had spent many years He soon admitted that he had not been to a doctor. I learned that you are in

About the AAFP Health Equity Fellowship: “I recognize that as a leader of my practice and system, and to speak confidently with residents, I need to broaden my knowledge and experience in health equity. I think it was a way of bringing together the elements of and taking a big step towards actually being intentional about it.”

About her culmination project “Improving health equity now and in the future: assessing and addressing social determinants of health and developing long-term training curricula”: “I hope that our Capstone project will not only create a playbook for starting to address the social determinants of health, but also for building the right community partnerships.” for patients and how to build those connections.

About our commitment to health equity: “(implicit bias) is very dangerous when it comes to health equity, because it is the result of years of social learning, a kind of systemic racism, We know that it leads to different health outcomes for different groups of people … It’s really overwhelming because there are so many things that lead to health and equity … Overwhelmed you put your hands up and say, ‘This I think it’s really easy to say “is bigger than me.” I’m just a little fish in the big ocean. what can i do? ‘ And you could say that family medicine was made for this…we meet where our patients are, start somewhere, build and grow together. ”

Find out more on the AAFP Health Equity Fellowships webpage and check out more stories from the 2023 class.

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