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There is much irony in columnist Betsy McCoffee’s criticism of the Biden administration’s negotiations with the WHO. “Global Health Equity” For the distribution of pandemic drugs to developing countries. She worries that stockpiling drugs like Paxlovid means that grandma won’t be able to get them quickly when she needs them. may not be able to afford this drug or other life-saving drugs.

We are making aspects of Obamacare affordable by creating Medicare Advantage policies that are only affordable for middle-income Americans if they choose the highest deductible, and out of reach for low-income Americans. It has been privatized.

McCaughey denounces attempts to suspend patent protection so that generic drugs can be developed for poorer countries. Again, the profit motive prevails in our healthcare system. Pharmaceutical companies can tweak expensive pharmaceutical ingredients and keep patents on for much longer than they are guaranteed. However, as long as these obscene interests continue, new drugs cannot be developed.

Perhaps Americans would spare poor countries health care if their own health care was guaranteed. increase. McCaughey points out that wealthy people can afford the drugs they need. That’s one thing she’s right about. It is middle- and low-income Americans who are suffering under our system.

Ellen Brace


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