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At the official launch of the George Washington University Global Food Institute on Tuesday, founder José Andrés told a packed audience in the Jack Morton Auditorium that, indeed, students are committed to the institute’s mission. , said that the collective conviction of teachers, leaders and government officials made their respective missions a reality. They are “founders” in their own way.

The institute “was made possible because many people believed it would help us move forward…the institute did its part and one day the world will know hunger.” , a world-renowned chef, humanitarian and author, said Andrés. Currently, I am a professor at GW who practices food and society.

Reflecting on his long relationship with GW, Andrés of HON ’14 also took the opportunity to explore the world’s food problems with his popular course, The World on a Plate: How Food Shapes Civilization. I thanked them for their kindness and for their relationship with GW. It eventually led to a partnership with the Global Food Institute.

“I don’t know what they did when they opened the door for me,” he joked.

The world wants change, Andrés said, likening the institute’s approach to “rewriting recipes when old recipes don’t work.”

“We can, and more importantly, must put food at the heart of building a better world,” he said.

From left: President Bracey. Rajiv Shah, Chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation. Trustee Abe Tucker; Jose Andrés. Board Emeritus Chairman Nelson A. Carbonell Jr. and his wife Michelle Carbonell. and President Righton.

Tuesday’s celebratory event marks the official launch of the new Global Food Institute, which plans to become a world leader in providing food system solutions, with members of the GW community, donors, government officials, businesses, We gathered participants including foundations, non-profit partners. .

In his remarks, President Mark S. Righton said GW’s broad expertise and history of finding innovative solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems have led the university to take on the challenge of changing the world through the power of food. He said it motivated him to work on it. He added that Andres was a visionary leader and a great partner in launching the Global Food Institute.

“Innovative solutions are found by innovative leaders,” says Righton.

Rector Christopher A. Bracey echoed Mr. Righton’s praise.

“Working with José Andrés, his team, and the talented faculty at George Washington University to identify ways that universities can use food to solve many of the world’s biggest problems. I’m really happy to do it,” said Bracey. “It was a special privilege for me to be able to stand next to [Andrés] Announcing this groundbreaking laboratory. ”

Ambassador Susan Rice, a domestic policy adviser to the Biden administration, also attended the event to speak on domestic food challenges, including malnutrition and diabetes, and how the World Food Institute’s interdisciplinary teaching, learning and action will impact the world. expressed excitement about how to help lead the Responsible for resolving such important issues.

“This is an example of the ambition society needs to address the challenges of hunger and nutrition,” Rice said. “This institute aims to break down silos, unite people across society, and make far-reaching impact.”

Expert discussion on food system solutions

Also on Tuesday, Dana Bash, CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent at 22HON, 1993 BA, will moderate the discussion with Andres and Rajiv Shah, Chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation, to discuss the world through the lens of food. Featured an innovative solution to the problem. The Rockefeller Foundation is one of the recognized donors that has made financial support to the World Food Institute.

They discussed how global humanitarian crises like the war in Ukraine create food insecurity. climate change; and the need to invest in science and apply scientific thinking to rebuild the world’s food system.

“The biggest thing Jose does when he wants to work on something is to invent new ways to solve old problems…that tend to be better, more durable, and do in the field “It’s time,” Shah said.

Andrés and Shah also emphasized the importance of the Institute leveraging its DC location and working together across political channels to engage politicians and government officials to bring solutions to fruition. He also talked about the importance of

“Because the institute is based in Washington, D.C., focused on policy, and willing to break the rules, there are plenty of opportunities to think outside the box about these solutions,” Shah said. .


The event was also an opportunity to recognize leaders who have made significant contributions to the launch of the Institute.

In addition to recognizing Andres and the Rockefeller Foundation, Mr. Wrighton also honored Nelson A. Carbonell Jr., BS ’85, HON ’21, Honorary Chairman of the GW Board of Trustees, who donated to the Carbonell Family Executive Director, and Michelle M. Carbonell. of the World Food Institute.

“Now is the time to initiate the transformation needed to address the world’s food challenges through an unparalleled interdisciplinary approach. Through donations, Michele and I are confident that GW will be able to recruit inspiring and skilled leaders. We would like to provide financial support as much as possible,” Carbonell said. He becomes the director of the World Food Institute. ”

Mr. Righton also thanked Trustees Abe Tucker (BBA ’77) and Diane Bostic for their significant contributions to the Institute.

“Diane and I are proud to support José Andrés and GW’s Global Food Institute and its ambitious plans to address issues in the national and international food system,” said Tucker. Told. “I am happy that GW and Jose can work together to help solve the world’s problems.”

next step

Moving forward, the university will launch a search for the Carbonell Family Executive Director of the Global Food Institute and will establish a Global Food Institute Leadership Council, Professor Bracey said. This council will include individuals and organizations working to advance the Institute’s work across policy, innovation, policy and innovation. And nurture the pillars of humanity through philanthropy. The Institute will also begin developing engagement opportunities for the community and potential partners.

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