GRCA Launches Industry Partnership Focused on Healthcare

The Greater Reading Chamber Alliance launches the Greater Reading Region Healthcare Connection Industry Partnership. According to the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the group was formed in response to the increasing changes and challenges facing local healthcare organizations.

According to Keith Stam, director of workforce development at GRCA, the goal of public-private partnerships is to bring together leaders in the healthcare industry, educational partners and workforce development organizations.

“We want to identify common needs in these healthcare organizations so that we can all come together and focus on strategies that support those needs. will be,” Stam said in response to an emailed question.

The chamber said it seeks to partner with medical institutions on common issues, identify resources, develop solutions and highlight educational pathways for the community.

Stamm said the alliance is seeking 25 to 35 members for industry partnerships. The first meeting is scheduled for June 30 from 8-10 am at the Center for Business Excellence, 49 Commerce Drive, Spring Township.

Participation of senior executives and key stakeholders from healthcare institutions, educational partners, workforce and economic development organizations is encouraged.

Pre-registration for the inaugural meeting of the Healthcare Industry Partnership is required at

Stamm said the GRCA will add information about the partnership to the agency’s website, adding that potential members with questions about the partnership can contact him directly at

Funding for the Health Industry Partnership comes from the Berks County Workforce Development Commission, which created the Nursing Pathways Apprentice Industry Partnership Program with a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. This grant program is part of the COVID-19 Nursing Workforce Initiative and was funded by the U.S. Rescue Planning Act.

Stamm said that once the Workforce Development Commission received the grant, it approached the chamber about convening an industry partnership.

The Healthcare Industry Partnership is the second group managed by GRCA.

Since 2017, the organization has managed manufacturing partnerships in the Greater Reading region. The group meets quarterly to review current workforce trends, discuss educational needs and opportunities, and identify resources and speakers to support activities in this industry.

Stamm said before GRCA controlled the manufacturing partnership, it was managed by the Berks County Workforce Development Commission.

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