Grand Hyatt Seoul is one of the best dining hotels in South Korea

Strange as it may seem, it wasn’t that long ago that travelers reluctantly dined at hotel restaurants out of necessity. That’s because it’s now standard practice for accommodations to expand their eateries to attract guests and locals, making them destinations in their own right.

This is especially true for Seoul. Considering a culture in which food is both nutritious and social (a common way to greet a loved one is to ask if they have eaten), accommodation in the area is long-term and well-fed. have given priority to Seoul’s hotel industry is highly competitive and new openings are frequent, but one classic hotel has defied trends and hype and stood the test of time.

Opened in 1978 and nestled on the slopes of Namsan Mountain in Yongsan-gu, Grand Hyatt Seoul is one of the few luxury hotels in the big city. Along the way, Joe has hosted US presidents such as Biden and Barack Obama, appeared in multiple Korean dramas, but perhaps most importantly, has a variety of quality restaurants and has been a favorite for decades. It is a destination.

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