Governor Waltz signed into law a paid family leave and medical leave. How does it work?

ST. PAUL, MN — a new state law This means that nearly all workers in Minnesota get paid medical and family care leave.

With such a big rule change, I’m sure you have a lot of questions. Esme Murphy answered some important questions.

When will this bill come into force?

The Paid Family Leave and Medical Leave Bill will come into force on January 1, 2026. This is so states can launch programs and coordinate with workers and employers.

Who is covered by this bill?

The bill covers nearly all full-time and part-time private and government workers.

What does this bill provide?

12 weeks medical leave including pregnancy is given. 12 weeks of nursing care leave. 12 weeks of parental leave will be granted. Those experiencing domestic violence and the like will be given 12 weeks of safety leave, and those dealing with a loved one’s dispatch will be given 12 weeks of dispatch leave.

How much will I be paid?

The lowest earner receives 90% of the weekly wage. The highest earners receive approximately 55% of their weekly wages.

how much do you pay

The bill is initially paid out of the state general fund and then deducted from your paycheck. Starting January 2026, a worker earning about $50,000 a year will earn only about $4.33 a week. A worker earning $100,000 a week would pay about $8.65 a week.

Who will supervise and pay my benefits?

Minnesota will oversee and pay benefits through a new state insurance program.

What impact will this have on private companies?

Private companies are required to provide their employees with these holidays. They can choose not to pay for it and have the national program pay for it instead.

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