Governor Ho Chul Signs Bill to Strengthen Healthcare Workers

Law (A3076-A/S447-C) allows up to one-third of the clinical education in the Nursing Licensure and Degree program to be completed through mock experience.this Make nursing education more accessible and help address the projected nursing shortage in New York State. It aims to achieve a workforce demand of nearly 40,000 by 2030. The training required to become a highly skilled nurse in New York limits clinical placements in hospitals, and students cannot obtain a nursing license and join the workforce until they complete that placement. . Instead of keeping eager students waiting for empty seats in hospitals, scaling up simulated training can ease congestion, address shortages, and ensure quality care for millions of New Yorkers. High-tech, high-quality simulation training is already in place in 31 states.

State Senator Toby Ann Stabiski said: “We have been talking about the shortage of nurses for years, but we are finally starting to do something about it. Graduating a new generation of nurses with hands-on experience, where nursing programs are currently alienating qualified applicants, this bill would join New York State with 31 other states to allow simulation experiences Rarely have we seen such unanimity on a bill, and this law is the result of a concerted effort by all stakeholders: Governor Kathy Hochol, Congressmen Donna Ruppard and Pat Mr. Feich, Legislative Leaders and Staff, CICU, State University of New York, President of State University of New York, and SED.”

Rep. Donna Rupardo said: “By enabling up to one-third of our clinical training to be simulation-based, we will help address New York State’s nurse shortage while providing students with a valuable hands-on learning experience. I observed these trainings at Binghamton University’s Decker College of Nursing and was impressed with how realistic these state-of-the-art simulations are.Governors for signing this bill, for partnering with us. I would like to thank Senator Stavisky, President King of the State University of New York, President Matos Rodriguez of City College, and CICU for their support.”

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