Gordon Ryan reveals illness and surgery delay his return to competition indefinitely

Gordon Ryan, widely regarded as the world’s best Brazilian jiu-jitsu grappler, was recently hospitalized with a medical problem that required surgery, but it’s unclear exactly when he will be able to compete again.

Ryan said he suffered a severe strep throat after traveling to Abu Dhabi and was hospitalized for a long time. His doctors prescribed several rounds of antibiotics to keep the infection under control, but Ryan said his throat kept swollen and closed.

In the end, Ryan revealed that he took 40 days of various antibiotics before treatment finally cleared the infection, after which he had to have a tonsillectomy.

“Just a quick update for everyone who is inquiring. I don’t know when I will be able to compete again,” Gordon wrote on Instagram. “When I returned from my trip to Abu Dhabi, I had a severe strep throat, and my throat was swollen and closed, and I ended up in the hospital. In total, I took amoxicillin for 7 days, and within a day my throat was back to normal, followed by 10 days of penicillin and 2 days off. Later I was hospitalized with a swollen throat.In the hospital I was given penicillin injections and another 10 days of penicillin which failed.Then I switched to 14 days of clindamycin which It worked.

“So I was on antibiotics for more than 40 days and then injected with penicillin. I couldn’t even go to training because I was afraid I was going to lose weight, and my ears were so sore from my throat that I couldn’t get my heart rate up and my heart was pounding and throbbing. I had a terrible headache.”

Severe strep throat health problems also exacerbated stomach problems. His stomach problems started with fungal growth in his small intestine, which he described as feeling like “the worst hangover I’ve ever had.”

Apparently, these problems recurred while Ryan was undergoing treatment for his throat, which kept him out of training, let alone competing again.

“I’ve been completely inactive for the longest time since I started training,” Ryan said. “As expected, stomach upset recurred, nausea and anorexia recurred, which needs to be addressed, but first I have a tonsillectomy and surgery today to correct severe deviation.” .

“I wanted to let you all know how my competition schedule is going. I hope to be back in the next few months.”

Ryan’s last appearance was in December at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational in Las Vegas against short-term replacement Nicky Rodriguez. He was due to face his longtime rival Felipe Pena in February, but similar health problems kept Ryan out.

A myriad of medical issues plaguing Ryan means the 27-year-old grappling sensation has signed a multi-fight deal worth millions of dollars to take part in the Flo Grappling Who’s Number One Series. I woke up right after.

Unfortunately, Ryan has so far been unable to compete there as he has to be out of action indefinitely due to medical issues.

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