GMA staff furious at Rob Marciano given ‘special treatment’ in scandal before Amy Roback and TJ Holmes were kicked out

Good Morning America staffers feel weatherman Rob Marciano got special treatment before Amy Roback and TJ Holmes were kicked off the show over alleged cheating.

A newsroom source told the US Sun that the GMA weather forecaster was relegated to field work and excommunicated from ABC’s New York office over concerns that he had alleged anger management problems.

Rob Marciano was relegated to filing obligations following allegations of anger management issuesCredit: Getty
ABC appeared to be trying to avoid another PR nightmare, like the Amy Robach and TJ Holmes scandals, according to one source.Credit: BackGrid

“He’s not out on the field because of sexual harassment or MeToo-type issues.

“The decision to kick him out of office was about anger issues that spiked around the time he was going through a divorce from his wife last year.

“He had regular temper tantrums that made some of his colleagues uncomfortable,” the staff added.

Rob, 54, appeared to be taken off the air briefly, but was put back on, only to host a segment on the field.

Another source said there were concerns that ABC tried to clean up Rob’s situation under the rug.

The insider said ABC News president Kim Godwin was “on thin ice, especially after the Amy and TJ scandal.

“There are concerns that ABC is trying to shove this under the rug rather than cause a ruckus.

“They have done nothing but alienate him from others in a very uncharacteristic way.”

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The insider added that it appeared ABC was “trying to push aside another PR nightmare” by simply not allowing them into the iconic Times Square studio.

“It’s an insane way to handle a scandal.”

GMA was embroiled in controversy late last year when co-hosts Amy and TJ were denied an extramarital affair.

The combined co-hosts were released from the comfortable ABC gig in January after months of investigation by ABC.

Rob wants to go back inside

Rob wants to return to work at the studio, but GMA executive producer Simone Swink won’t let him, after a particularly nasty incident happened to a female staff member, Page Six previously reported. Did.

“She is no-nonsense and very serious. She is focused on her work and wants to keep [her staff] Focused and happy. She’s very protective of her team,” said her source.

Simone turned EP when former boss Michael Cohn was fired from the show for allegedly sexually assaulting two women.

The source added that Simone was “standing her ground” and was “very vigilant” about the situation.

stormy weather

Last July, the US Sun revealed exclusively at the time that Rob’s ex-wife, Erin, had secretly filed for divorce after 11 years together.

He was away for months last summer as they were contemplating a split.

New York court records show that Erin filed for divorce on June 18, 2021.

Rob and Erin married in November 2010 and have two children, Madeline, 10, and Mason, 4.

According to Rob’s Instagram, despite the divorce, the exes appear to be parenting amicably, as they took a trip to Walt Disney World with the kids for spring break last April.

What seemed like a short break from the air relegated Rob to a field dutyCredit: ABC
ABC was trying to avoid another big scandal, according to a sourceCredit: Getty

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