German doctor fired for helping cleaner during surgery

A representative image of a doctor. — Reuters/Files

BERLIN: A German hospital has fired a doctor who enlisted the help of a cleaner in a toe amputation, and expressed regret when the incident came to light. APs news reported.

According to public broadcaster reports SWRthe incident occurred in 2020 at the University Hospital of Mainz.

The surgery did not cause any complications to the patient, but the hospital was also reported to have fired the doctor.

The hospital’s chief executive, Norbert Pfeiffer, said doctors decided to perform the operation even though there were no qualified assistants at the time.

According to the details of the local daily newspaper Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung, The doctor asked a nearby janitor to bring the patient’s Leandpas surgical instruments and asked for help.

A local newspaper said the patient was restless after receiving local anesthesia, so the doctor asked the cleaners for help, adding that the cleaners “had no medical experience.”

The incident surfaced when hospital administrators saw a cleaner in the operating room with a blood-stained gauze in his hand.

Deutsche News Agency: “This should never happen” DPA Quoted from Pfeiffer.

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