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Important points:

  • The Department got off to a strong start to its fiscal year, raising over $110 million between June and December.
  • Most gifts come from patients and their families who appreciate the care we all provide, promote, and facilitate.
  • Gifts are driving impactful programs across our company.

“Dr. Hood and the Kellogg Eye Center saved my sight. I want others to have the gift I received.”

“Our daughter was in the hospital for treatment for a brain tumor. wants every child in the hospital to feel as comfortable as possible.”

“University of Michigan Residency Education at Neuropsychiatric Institute and Children’s Psychiatric Hospital [from] From 1968 to 1972, he informed and supported me throughout my career. “

These are just a few of the answers when asked why they give gifts to Michigan Medicine online. Donations from these individuals are part of his $110 million in philanthropy committed across Michigan Medicine in the first half of fiscal year 2023. This includes generous support from the D. Dunn and Betty Kahn Foundation to support the new hospital, as well as multidisciplinary donations. of medicine. Other recent highlights include:

  • $3 million Establish a research fund to support myelofibrosis research
  • $1.5 million Plans to donate to the Taisch Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • $ 1,000,000 Bernstein Family Cancer Program BRCA Cancer Research Initiative
  • $470,000 surgical
  • $250,000 Support prenatal wellness music
  • $250,000 Establishing the Simulation Modeling Project Fund in Psychiatry
  • $100,000 To the Health, Spirituality and Religious Programs Fund
  • $80,000 For Paws4 patients
  • $50,000 Care & Cure Institute Pediatric Epilepsy Fellowship Fund
  • $25,000 Michael M. Johns, MD and Trina L. Johns IHPI Foundation and IHPI Clinician Scholars Program Fund
  • $25,000 Established HH Bell Jr MD Opportunity Fund to support the Black Medical Association in areas of greatest need
  • $25,000 Support Brandon ICU nurses and the Little Victors League
  • $20,000 Support Nursing in Michigan

As a way to thank our donors, the development stewardship team created a flipbook and sent it to 13,605 individuals to show them the impact their donations made. This may also be of interest.

Stewardship is also preparing its first report to donors who give donations to remember and celebrate friends and loved ones.

In 2021, the most recent year with complete data, Michigan Medicine received a tribute gift of $4.9 million. Nearly 70% of this total came from gifts of $100 or less, and just under 40% of this total (about $1.9 million) came from his gifts of $50 or less.

Some of Michigan Medicine’s most dedicated supporters are part of student groups Dance marathon at the University of Michigan. The DMUM leadership team (pictured above with colleagues from the development department) received the David B. Hermelin Award, UM’s highest honor for volunteer leadership. DMUM is dedicated to increasing funding and awareness of pediatric therapy at CS Mott Children’s Hospital.

Fundraising events and digital campaigns also play an important role in raising awareness and funding. last fall, milestones, memories, momentum An event celebrating the legacy of the Mott Children’s Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital raised over $575,000 for Little Victors. Most recently, Mott’s supporters were able to give patients a valentine and optionally send a gift at Little Victors’ joint Valentine’s Day event, which ran from February 3rd to her February 13th. The end result: More than $18,000 was raised for the Mott Annual Fund, with 827 donations.

The Office of Development is committed to a wide range of initiatives to continue our engagement with patients and the community.

Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Development Officer Eric Barritt said: “I look forward to advancing medicine throughout the year through my philanthropic efforts.”

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