General Surgery Resident McLaughlin Known for Excellent Education

HERSHEY, PA — Dr. Christopher McLaughlin, General Surgery Resident at Pennsylvania State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, was recognized in May as a member of the Exceptional Moments in Pennsylvania State Medical College educational program.

“Dr. McLaughlin was amazing. He always took time out of his busy day to teach and make sure we learned something,” said one student. “He asked us leading questions and encouraged us to think through the problem before helping us. tried to show us.

“He had great bedside etiquette skills that you could only emulate when you saw someone like him talking to patients. I want to be like that when I become a resident.”

McLaughlin, a fourth-year medical resident at Virginia Tech Carillion School of Medicine in Roanoke, Virginia, worked as a paramedic in Boston before joining his wife, Caroline Carolyn, a fifth-year plastic surgery resident. I met Dr. McLaughlin. He is currently applying for fellowships in Trauma, Acute Care and Critical Surgery. His professional interests include trauma systems, prehospital resuscitation, and coagulopathy. A native of Philadelphia, McLaughlin enjoys rooting for his Philadelphia Eagles and walking his dog Waffles outside of his work.

The Pennsylvania State Medical College’s Office of Respectful Learning Environments recognizes outstanding faculty, residents and fellows in its monthly “Special Moments in Education” program. Each month, one faculty member and one of her resident/fellows are highlighted for their contributions.

The Office for a Respectful Learning Environment fosters an educational community at Penn State Medical College where all learners and educators feel supported, challenged, valued, and respected. It is intended for all medical school learners, including medical students, graduate students, physician assistant students, residents, and fellows.

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