General Motors considering 2027 Formula 1 engine program

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Last year, Andretti Global and General Motors made Michael Andretti’s attempt to enter Formula 1 too serious to ignore. Partnership Announced Compete in a Grand Prix race. However, Andretti said he would be a customer of another power unit maker if he were allowed to join the F1 grid in 2026.

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Eric Warren, executive director of GM’s global motorsports division, said: In an interview with The Detroit automaker will consider launching its own F1 power unit programme. Our view is that we want to see if it makes sense.”

Even if GM decides to produce an F1 power unit tomorrow, the 2026 deadline has already passed, so it won’t be able to enter the competition until 2027 at the earliest.

Warren has indicated that General Motors wants Cadillac Racing to be heavily involved in Andretti Global’s F1 efforts.he said, “GM is willing to be involved in the car and the design and the whole process. It’s not a white label on the engine. The interaction between Cadillac and Andretti extends to the whole vehicle.” Ford partnership Red Bull Racing produced by Red Bull and own engine Branded as Ford.

The feasibility of General Motors’ F1 power unit program depends on Andretti Global joining the Formula 1 grid. Even if you do, you must have the approval of Liberty Media, the owner of F1’s commercial rights.

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