General Hospital’s Kin Shriner (Scottie) Reflects on Thorpe’s Memories

Last Monday, May 16th general Hospital Veteran Kin Shriner tweeted that he learned that his character Scotty was made out of ABC soap. He used the opportunity to not only warn his fans about the change, but to thank them for all their support over the decades since he took on the role in 1977.

While many of his Twitter followers were shocked and upset by the news, some made the good point that Scotty will definitely be back sooner or later.

Shortly after, Shriner was cast in black and white with the late Susan Brown, who played adoptive mother Gail, Leslie Charleson (Monica), and beloved castmate Jackie Zeeman (Bobby), who died earlier this month on Wednesday, May 10. posted a photo.

“We were always smiling back then,” Shriner said. general Hospital It was a riot. ”

Ah, the good old days, every soap, every actor has a favorite memory. When that includes castmates who are no longer with us, it becomes more difficult than usual. In a separate post, he reminisced about happier times with Zeman, including Anthony Geary (Luke), sharing: [at] general Hospital. I really laughed a lot and worked hard every day! ”

And while we say goodbye for now, we hope Scotty will be back in Port Charles someday soon.

Not only did Shriner remember how “tremendously powerful” Zeman was, but Geary and many other daytime cast mates had a lot to say about the woman they all loved. Read about other happier times various stars remembered portraying Bobby in the photo gallery below.

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