General Hospital’s Gavin Houston Returns as Zeke — Here’s Why

As general Hospital So will Trina at last, and so will all of us! Whether Curtis or Taggart is the biological father, mother Portia does not have to face this ramifications alone. Soap veteran Gavin Huston will return to play Trina’s uncle Zeke, he told ABC affiliate WJBF in Georgia.

of guide light The alum said he was really happy to visit Port Charles in the first place. Seeing actors like Maurice Benard (Sonny) “was like meeting people from my childhood.” When a Houston interviewer mentioned the gig in the past tense, Houston corrected him by saying, “Still in action.” general Hospitalactually” and “I was going to come back for this meaty story in a couple of weeks.”

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The first time we met Zeke was when he came to town for his sister’s wedding.

Credit: ABC

Elsewhere in the interview, the Brooklyn native opened up about the conclusion of OWN’s addictive Tyler Perry soap. haves and have-nots, Houston played Jeffrey Harrington for all eight seasons. He admitted that the finale surprised him and his cast mates. (Spoiler alert: most of the main characters were killed off!) [the script], we were all like, “Wait… what?” But after that, I was like, ‘Don’t worry. no one is dead ”

Therefore, “it was a little vague for us,” he added. Ever since Jeffrey and her boyfriend were blown up by a bomb delivered by Stoker’s homophobic brother, Houston wondered, “Did she sneak out the back door?”

By the time the series’ final episode was filmed, the cast believed they would return for season nine. “I didn’t realize it was done until a year or so later,” Houston said.

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