General Hospital: Who Plays Esme’s Baby Ace? Joey Clay

The acting world is a harsh place full of divas and rising stars trying to steal the spotlight and make a name for themselves. Luckily, most daytime actors know the importance of working together and letting each other shine, but every once in a while, there are those who only think of “.myself.Luckily, according to James Patrick Stewart, that wasn’t what happened in the incident. general Hospital A very important scene Valentin had to share with others.

In fact, Stuart was so impressed with his scenemate after seeing all of Greenland, Victor, and End of the World events that he praised him on Twitter! It all started when the natural actor helped Spencer and Trina have their time to shine.

“Kudos to young Joey Clay (aka Baby Ace) for perfecting the role and watching Spurina.” Very enthusiastic reunion,” Stuart tweeted. He added with a blank expression: Well done boy. ”

Of course, fans all agreed that the little ace was doing an amazing job, but who wondered why that poor baby’s head wasn’t covered in Arctic air? There were also many.

“He kept going,” Stuart replied. “What about you?”

Well, nobody is perfect and little Joey Clay may have a diva after all. But can you blame him? You can’t hide that adorable little face. Especially when she puts in a flawless performance that makes us watch the Spencer and Trina reunion as eagerly as we do.

Also, from a character standpoint, Ace is Esme and Nicholas’ child, so I have a hunch that he’ll be a pretty handful as he grows up. You can’t tell him what to do, and if he doesn’t want something on his head, he won’t!

Check out Nicholas’ photo gallery for a look back at his life and how Ace was born!

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