General Hospital: Victor Dead/Nicholas Good as Dead: We Need a New Villain

Helena, Stavros and Stephen Kassadin are long gone. Victor Kassadin is really, really, really dead. Nicholas Kassadin is sleeping. Valentin Kassadin… well, he’s a cat. And Spencer Kassadin…he’s a good guy with a card.So you can imagine other characters well general Hospital I breathe a sigh of relief. Port Charles’ most feared family has been seemingly incapacitated.

At this point. There’s no way ABC’s soap will allow Eva to hold onto Windemere and leave the canvas without a supervillain. No, the powers are sure to introduce a new Kassadin to kick out Nicholas’ ex-wife and try to lure Spencer to the dark side what Victor couldn’t do. But who? Our money depends on Sophia her Kassadin getting the call.

“My own haunted house? Until then, I’ll drink.”

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every death you fake

Mikkos, Victor and Tony’s sister Said Even in his death, we all know how quickly and loosely Kassadin plays with death. She may have just gone into hiding until word arrived that Victor was no longer walking the earth to shorten her lifespan. Imagine what would happen…

Sophia comes to Port Charles with Eugenia the “nurse” and pretends to be surprised to see Eva living in the family castle. Expressing vague “conditions”, Sophia receives an invitation from Eva to her stay. There’s a lot of room in this house, so when Avery isn’t around, it might be nice not to have to assume that the footsteps Avery hears are ghosts.

Little by little, Sophia becomes attracted not only to Eva, but also to Spencer and Valentin. Victor decided to put his head on the platter because he was determined to turn the Kassadin empire into a permanent force and right the wrongs of the past (many! many!). No, not by wiping out most of the Earth!

imagination days of our lifeOlivia Rose Keegan (ex-Claire) and Robin Strasser (Dorian, one life to live) as Genie and Sophia.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI (2)

good deeds are not punished

Spencer and Valentin happily participate in Sophia’s philanthropic endeavors, blissfully unaware that she is masterminding the ultimate money-laundering scheme. Cut off from her family fortune decades before her, she is penniless and ready to shed her blood as soon as she gains access to her relatives’ vaults.

How does Eugenia fit in? This meek young woman is a con artist and she made the mistake of trying to rob Sophia of her money when she had nothing to steal. Their chance acquaintance gave Sophia the idea of ​​teaming up to maximize the value of her family. Eugenie (Jeanie to her friend) cuddled up with Spencer while Sophia handled her business.

Clearly, Trina’s lover is totally and completely devoted to her. Genie’s strategy, therefore, would be to celebrate their relationship while highlighting her own pathetic lack of self-esteem. More than anyone else, Esme will see through the act. She also warned Trina. But she and Spencer are going to be terrible. Awful parents, Genie made them believe they were stupid, ugly, and unlovable…

Spencer and Trina almost love each other GH

“I only have your lips.”

Credit: ABC screenshot

a kiss is not just a kiss

During a particularly difficult “confession” to Spencer, Genie is “embarrassed” to confess that she has never been kissed. nobody wanted. No one ever looked at her and thought she was ‘nothing to do’. I have to-“

And just like that, Spencer’s lips will overlap hers. It would be an impulse. It’s a stupid act just to make Genie feel better. But thanks to Sophia, Trina happened to see it in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately for the planning team, they have a much bigger problem to deal with: Anna. Taking Trina off Spencer’s side might be child’s play, but separating Valentin and Anna… it’s a whole other ball game!

See who’s who in the Kassadin family in the photo gallery below.

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