General Hospital Spoilers May 8, 2023 to May 19, 2023 has the latest new general Hospital Two weeks of spoilers from Monday, May 8th to Friday, May 19th. Sasha offers Nina much-needed support, and a surprise awaits Robert. Cody is looking for Serena. Recovering, Esme rushes to the hospital!

general Hospital Spoiler week on May 8th:

general Hospital Spoilers for Monday, May 8:

Today is general HospitalTrina continues to believe Spencer is alive, Valentin says goodbye, and Willow asks Michael not to split the family.

Absence makes the heart more lovable, so look for Dex and Joss to spice up the romance when they can carve out a little time for each other.

If Diane has been looking for new Cartullo shoes, they will be available soon. why? Because Sonny asks her favorite lawyer for a little help.

What is the topic when Curly puts the cards on the table with Dante?

Willow gives Michael something pretty important to ponder.

Someone in Port Charles receives what appears to be bad news because a body has been found.

Mark your calendar: If Chesapeake ShoresJesse Metcalf is back on screen — plus, it’s a first look.

general Hospital Spoilers for Tuesday, May 9:

Love is in the air when Michael and Willow find time to share a tender moment.

When Dante and Sam meet, is it for a kiss, to solve a crime, or both?

What catches Robert off guard?

Ned has never hesitated to fight, so he should do a pretty good job when asked to defend himself.

What is Nina so worried about?

general Hospital Spoilers for Wednesday, May 10:

When in doubt, one thing is certain. That said, Tracy has an opinion she’s happy to share. (Is her theory something Olivia feels skeptical about?)

Who will Maxie turn to when she realizes she needs a little help?

Sasha makes it clear that she doesn’t want to listen to Carly.

Taggart warns Portia. Are you related to Trina?

general Hospital Spoilers for Thursday, May 11:

Having friends in high and low places pays off, as Tracy proves when she does her favors.

Chase’s life isn’t perfect, but on the plus side, he’s finally back at the job he loves and can distract himself by throwing himself into it!

Is Serena really the one who can help Cody out of his current predicament?

What made Esme rush to the hospital?

Portia, who has always been the “count your blessings” type of woman, definitely has reason to feel grateful today.

general Hospital Spoilers for Friday, May 12:

Did all the recent trauma he and his extended family experienced force Michael to make a decision?

What threw Dex into the proverbial loop?

Jocelyn stops by to see Willow.

It turns out that Scott’s relief has something to do with a doctor with a particular accent…

When Nina sits down and considers her options, which will prevail, the pros and the cons?

general Hospital Spoiler week on May 15th:

general Hospital Spoilers for Monday, May 15:

Sony was amazed.

Jocelyn is shaken by Dex’s news.

Gladys loses.

Scott proposes a new plan.

Brooke Lynn reports for duty.

general Hospital Spoilers for Tuesday, May 16:

Nina arrives at Carly’s.

Robert asks for romantic advice.

Diane puts her cards on the table.

Sasha faces her fears.

Cody rides to the rescue.

general Hospital Spoilers for Wednesday, May 17:

Robert digs.

Dante contacts Mac.

Portia looks for Eva.

Alexis makes an offer.

Esme ponders her options.

general Hospital Spoilers for Thursday, May 18:

Jordan said congratulations.

Alexis receives the invitation.

Sam is thrown.

Molly is in trouble.

Holly makes a big decision.

general Hospital Spoilers for Friday, May 19:

Taggart advises Portia.

Michael updates Dante.

Jocelyn has a request for Sonny.

Sasha supports Nina.

Scott meets with Cody.

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— Richard Sims/Amy Mistretta

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