General Hospital: Kin Shriner Retires?Actor announces Scotty’s departure

At times like this, I really hate being in the position of giving bad news, but apparently: general Hospital With Scotty stepping down from the show, Kin Shriner may be fired. It wasn’t what we expected at all, and one viewer even stated that they needed to double-check that it wasn’t April 1st, but it was the Shriner himself who left thousands heartbroken. I tweeted to my fans.

“I just found out about Scotty”As written,” he wrote on Twitter. “thank you, general Hospital Dear fans, You’ve supported me for decades! ! “

As you can imagine, the reaction from those fans was quick and loud.Many did not believe it, but others demanded it general Hospital Make sure he stays by your side. Some suspected that this was due to the writers’ strike.

And we can’t ignore the fact that this news came just before the heartbreaking announcement of Jacqueline Zeman’s passing. Her Bobby was the first to come to Port Charles determined to take Scott away from Laura.

Of course, this is just one of many great stories Shriner has told over the years. Hard to believe he could have played his last game. Take a look at Scotty’s photo gallery to see his story before he left.

Shriner himself didn’t provide any further information, and the show didn’t comment, even though dozens of outraged fans had tagged its official accounts for clarification and promises. wouldn’t do that break out.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Schreiner has been sidelined, whether the stint is long or short. Since bringing Scotty back to Port Charles after a five-year hiatus in February 2013, he’s made several off-screen appearances. If Shriner is really out, he can only hope his exit won’t last as long as it did last time.

See all photo galleries general Hospital‘s recent exit.

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