Game Changers Reshaping Our World: From mRNA Vaccines to AI-Powered Medicine

In a recent Perspective article published in the journal Technology prediction and social changean interdisciplinary team of researchers from around the world discussed recent breakthroughs in science and technology that have the potential to change human life immediately and for decades to come.

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Centuries of breakthrough discoveries in science and technological innovation have improved our understanding of the world and greatly advanced many aspects of human life. However, recent studies show that the disruptive potential of scientific breakthroughs and patents has decreased over time, and over time, scientific discoveries and technological innovations can become game-changers. A lack of interdisciplinary research and a tendency to delve deeper into narrower areas of existing knowledge are thought to be the reason for the decline in groundbreaking scientific achievements. .

Furthermore, technological progress must also consider environmental, social and economic sustainability. With these goals in mind, a team of researchers explored a comprehensive set of recent game-changers with the ability to effect immediate and long-term change while moving towards a sustainable and holistic approach to consumption and manufacturing. presented a list.

A game changer with immediate impact

Among the various areas that may impact human daily life in the near future, researchers are focusing on pandemic preparedness, single-cell omics, messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA)-based vaccines, the use of artificial intelligence, and machine learning. We discussed topics such as learning. Drug discovery, gene editing, microbiome, cell therapy, digital health tools and wearables, carbon capture, three-dimensional (3D) printing, cultivated meat, and a few others.

Responses to the recent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic have included active surveillance to contain the number of cases and limit the spread of the virus, and the rapid development of therapeutics and vaccine technologies such as mRNA vaccines. included. You have successfully mitigated the virus threat. Additionally, while other pathogens and potential pandemic risks are inevitable, the technologies and surveillance platforms developed during the COVID-19 pandemic will enhance preparedness for future pandemics.

The development of single-cell omics techniques has helped deconstruct complex biological systems and probe the heterogeneity of functions and interactions between cells and tissues. This provided the finer resolution information needed to understand the disease. The authors comprehensively discuss existing single-cell omics techniques and their biomedical applications to advance our understanding of human biology.

Another important advance in health and medicine in recent years is our understanding of the complexity and role of the gut microbiome. This is mainly due to the development of advanced sequencing methods such as whole metagenomic sequencing and bioinformatics tools that can interrogate the genome of microbiota.

In particular, studies on the microbiota-gut-brain axis have revealed the role of the gut microbiota in neurodevelopment, behavior, and various other aspects of the central nervous system. Furthermore, research into the role of the gut microbiota in cancer and tumorigenesis has implications for systemic anticancer therapy.

The research explores advances in other fields that have transformed human health and medicine, such as gene editing with applications in drug discovery, cancer therapy and agriculture, and the development of digital health devices and wearables that provide personalized health. also discussed. Data and the use of machine learning techniques in drug discovery.

A game changer for the next decade

Many of these scientific and technological advances are already affecting and improving many aspects of our lives, but the authors say the true potential of these game-changers will emerge in the coming decades. These include the development of medicine and health care, such as targeting biological condensates with new drugs, anti-aging research, and a focus on health care as opposed to disease care. included.

The study also discusses technological advances with future implications for other fields of life, including micro- and nanorobots and their applications, microchip technology, space exploration, and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). It included robotics, including storage of data used, and ongoing research. About using nuclear fusion as a power source.


Overall, this comprehensive review of current research developments in science and technology and their short- and long-term impact on various aspects of life highlights the importance of interdisciplinary research approaches. .

Of all the game changers discussed here, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing stand out due to their wide range of applications across different domains. A new era of scientific and technological breakthroughs has arrived, from making information accessible to each individual to major advances in human health, robotics and artificial intelligence.

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Dr. Chinta Sidarsan

Chinta Sidharthan is a writer based in Bangalore, India. Her educational background is in evolutionary biology and genetics, and she has extensive experience in scientific research, teaching, scientific writing, and herpetology. Chinta has her Ph.D. She earned her PhD in Evolutionary Biology from the Indian Institute of Science and she is passionate about science teaching, writing, animals, wildlife and conservation. In her doctoral studies, she investigated the origin and diversification of blind snakes in India, and as part of that, she conducted extensive fieldwork in the jungles of southern India. She has been awarded the Bronze Medal of the Governor-General of Canada and the Gold Medal of the University of Bangalore for her academic excellence and has published her research in impactful journals.


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