From food to fashion, Padma Lakshmi’s spring shopping list

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May 4, 2023 | 7:12am

Meals are at Padma Lakshmi from 9am to 5pm or above.

Emmy-nominated “Top Chef” host, celebrated cookbook author and author of “Taste the Nation With Padma Lakshmi” (coming back to Hulu on May 5th for its second season) A creator, she is happy to take her creations home with her.

The Indian-born, New York City-raised star often shares a kitchen with daughter Krishna (and has a great sense of style), but the 13-year-old recently declared her culinary independence.

“She recently stopped cooking with me,” says Lakshmi, 52. have understood. You learn to play tennis and your dad is like Andre Agassi. “

But that doesn’t mean Lakshmi wants breakfast in bed. For Mother’s Day this year, she is “reading the newspaper and drinking lots of tea.”

She also spends her days skating around the neighborhood with her daughter, watching movies together, hanging out the aisles of bookstores and having dinner at one of her favorite restaurants in the East Village, Il Posto Accanto. We want to finish the day by eating.

Here, a professional foodie introduces Alexa to ingredients for a flavorful life.

“These candles are refreshing, don’t smell bad, and are long lasting.”

“Geranium Rosa” Candle, $74 Diptyque Paris
Diptyque Paris

“These bags are elegant and very useful. “

Leather Travel Case Set, $128 Cuyana

“I first published this cookbook in 2006 and I feel it is ahead of its time because ingredients from all over the world are so much more accessible and appreciated today. It will be reissued in 2021 and has actually been voted one of Apple’s best books of the year!”

“Tangy Tart Hot & Sweet” Cookbook by Padma Lakshmi, $18 Hachette Book Group
Hachette Book Group

“In the Afghanistan episode of Taste the Nation, I love making kabuli palou (spiced lamb and rice with sautéed carrots and raisins) with chef Shamim Popal. I hope viewers will see the great things immigrant communities are doing for this country and the sacrifices they are willing to make in order to have the chance to live a better life.”

Kavli Parrot, $28 Lapis1847 Columbia Road NW, Washington DC

“I discovered it when I lived in Alphabet City.

Karma Tasting Spoons (Set of 4), $20 Amazon

“Lassie is a type of yogurt to drink. I liked this product so much that I contacted them about becoming an investor. I absolutely love it. I can’t keep it stocked at home.”

Dar! Lassi $4.50 Whole Foods

“These are tall, comfortable, and go with anything, especially jeans and dresses.”

Prada Chelsea Boots for $925 Saks Fifth Avenue

“Recommended for when you want lip coverage and natural gloss!”

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm in “Whole Lotta Honey” for $21 Ulta

“I love the wine list and the hospitality. It’s such a cozy place to enjoy Italian food. That’s my toast!

Il Post Acant190 E. Second St., New York City
il post act

“For years I have been creating my own custom perfume blends from essential oils.

Lavender Essential Oil, at $16.50 neal’s yard remedy
neal’s yard remedy

“They only make this brow pencil in three shades, and I actually rotate between them.”

Diorshow Brow Styler for $31 Dior

Photo by Dominic Valente, Brian Zak, Visko Hatfield, Getty Images, and brand courtesy.

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