Former Coronation Street star Chris Fountain shares hospital updates after heart surgery for ‘minor stroke’

Actor Chris Fountain has released footage from the hospital after heart surgery.

former coronation street and Hollyoaks The star was hospitalized for heart surgery months after suffering a “minor stroke.”

On social media, he updated his followers on Friday (May 12) with a post on his Instagram story.

“I’m back baby,” Fountain, 35, said to the camera as she lay in her hospital bed.

“I’m still a little dizzy, but my groin hurts a lot. But I was finally able to eat and drink, but cheese sandwiches weren’t enough.”

He added that his mother, who was in the same room, would be looking for something more fulfilling before saying goodbye.

He then shared a video originally posted by Dutch musical actor Martin Vogel explaining the procedure he had undergone.

Fountain’s surgery was to address a patent foramen ovale (PFO), described by the NHS as a hole between the heart’s left and right atria (superior atrium).

People with this condition are at increased risk of stroke. If PFO does not heal on its own, surgery to treat PFO consists of inserting a catheter with a closure device through the femoral vein in the leg to the heart, leaving the device in place to close the flap.

(Instagram/Chris Fountain)

In a later video, Fountain is seen roaming the hospital. “I got permission to stand up and walk a little bit,” he said.

“What a day! To be honest, I was very nervous when I entered the anesthesia room and everything became very real.”

He told fans the outlook was good so far after tests were run to ensure the device was “placed in place, functioning and leak-free,” and is positive. concluded with a comment.

The actor starred in over 300 episodes of the long-running ITV drama. coronation street, served from 2011 to 2013. A video of him rapping about rape was found on YouTube and he was fired.

Fountain has since spoken about the impact his layoff has had on his life.

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