Food Network star Molly Yeh shares 7 of her favorite kitchen essentials

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Just because Molly Yeh is a celebrity chef, cookbook author, and restaurateur doesn’t mean she can instantly charm kids in the kitchen. “They collaborate well on tastings and are open to having their own opinions,” she says of her daughters Barney and Ira. And she says with a laugh, “They give negative feedback every day!”

But Yeh, who’s been on the Food Network’s Girl Meets Farm since 2018, says she’s stoked every time she eats an Asian-inspired feast she’s just made for the meal delivery service Blue Apron. Picky girls say they’re “very happy.” Limited menu: Ginger green onion burger, fried egg, pickled cucumber with seafood sauce. Peanut noodles with bok choy. Crunchy cabbage slaw. Miso apple pie with pistachio and coconut crumble. “This is inspired by a flavor that is close and dear to my heart,” she says. “My mother always made the noodles for me.”

Yeh added that he has been receiving Blue Apron prep kits for about 10 years. “You’re still cooking and the food still comes out fresh, but everything is perfectly balanced so you’re not stuck with a bunch of parsley,” she says. Otherwise, cook dinner at her parents’ house in East Grand Fork, Minnesota, eat out at the new local restaurant, Barney’s, or, yes, it’s true! — Stir leftovers. “I just had spaghetti and meatballs last night and they were delicious!”

So how do you keep family mealtimes from chaos? Yeh created a kitchen essentials list for CNN Underscored.

Forget digging through drawers for measuring cups or squinting to read numbers. With the convenience of a compact digital food scale that measures pounds, ounces, and grams, “we can weigh everything on the fly,” says Yeh. “You’ll have less dishes to handle, less to move around the kitchen with the kids, and your measurements will be perfect!” I hope to be able to write recipes using only!” teases.

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Yeh uses this curved tool to flip everything from burgers to eggs. “It’s the perfect shape for cooking,” she says. (She uses nonstick ones too, but not square ones!). The heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe metal turner has curved blades and distinct angled edges for sliding under food.

Salads, Blue Apron Noodles, and coleslaw are just a few of the foods Mr. Ye puts into these lightweight, unbreakable stainless steel bowls. “I love that it’s convenient for everything,” she raves. Ye puts them on the table to serve (“it doesn’t have to look fancy”), sticks the bowls on the fridge to keep leftovers fresh, and even has her youngest daughter use them on the floor as a sensory activity. is playing with the bowl. .

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“I never thought I would like a ladle,” jokes Yeh. But she’s obsessed with this flexible, durable silicone tool (15 colors to choose from). “The corners of the pot can get moldy, so you can scoop out every last drop at the bottom of the pot,” she says. For reference, Ye said he’s currently “really into” making bean soup, broccoli soup, tomato and parmesan soup, and chicken noodle soup.

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Yeh loves cooking vegetables, bacon and baked goods in this durable aluminum pan. (She also likes quarter sheets.) She also uses nonstick spray or peels paper from rolls and places food on cookie sheets instead. “It makes cleaning so much easier,” she explains.

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One good cast iron pan can be used for many purposes. “It’s great for casseroles, meatballs, grilled cheese, and more,” she says. “It’s a one-pot meal.” Yeh actually loves cookware, and she owns several. Among her favorites is this sleek heavyweight enamel-coated pan from her own line. Perfect for braising and slow cooking.

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“I’m minimal,” she says, when it comes to slicing and dicing. She “uses a gyuto and a serrated knife.” She chose Misen brand for both tools, she explains. The price is really cheap too. ”

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