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DAYTON — Food delivery app DoorDash has 32 million users and Uber Eats has about 81 million users.

They are a very popular way to get a quick “bite”. But Consumer Investigative reporter Xavier Hershovitz took a look at how much people pay for convenience.

Sometimes we don’t have time to go out in a day, so a food delivery app might be able to intervene.

Dayton’s Kendal Webber explained that Door Dashing is very easy. Dayton’s Anu Puri agrees, saying, “When you sit at home, you don’t have to spend your time because you’re on your own.”

So how much are we paying for the convenience and ease of having our food delivered to us quickly?

Hershovitz went to a local restaurant for lunch and ended up spending $12.06.

Then he ordered the same thing on DoorDash. His new subtotal is him $15.73 with no tip. After tip, fee and tax, his total was $18.64. That’s $6.58 more than he paid at the store. The order had free delivery.

He tried it again – this time ordering a meal from Uber Eats. Subtotal he was $15.73, same as DoorDash, but no free delivery this time. So after all previous charges, Uber Eats total he came to $24.24. That’s more than double his price if you buy it privately.

“These service fees are so high, they’re one of the main reasons I’ve stopped ordering from Uber Eats,” says Puri.

I contacted DoorDash and Uber Eats to find out what they charge for delivery and service.

In a statement to I-Team, an Uber spokesperson said prices vary by location and other factors. According to his website for Uber Eats, delivery charges are inclusive of delivery charges and can vary.

Service charges also vary per order. A spokesperson told her News Center 7 that the restaurant now has full control over pricing.

As a result, Uber Eats prices may differ from in-store prices at your favorite restaurants.

Webber said it was worth it for her.

Restaurants are also free to set their own menu prices on DoorDash, but the company encourages consistency.

In a statement to I-TEAM, a DoorDash spokesperson said the various fees “help pay Dasher, operate the platform, and provide the best possible service.”

Fees are shown before and after payment with a full breakdown.

Ultimately, when you’re using these delivery apps, make sure that the price you’re paying to get your food delivered to your door is worth it.

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