Food and beverage options at T-Mobile Park in 2023

One of the most special things about going to a ballpark is the variety of experiences it contains. Every night, T-Mobile Park hosts raucous group hangs, night outs with the kids, team celebrations, company dime work events, family reunions, first dates, last dates, and It hosts everything in between. The ballpark’s menu is constantly evolving to create offerings that match these experiences in a way that reflects Seattle as a whole and the people who live, work and play in the city.

Like the dinner table, the baseball field is a place for socializing, and the Mariners have taken commendable steps to increase the size of the table. Below are some familiar ballpark scenarios that match menus chosen for the occasion/weather/attendance. Whether you’re trying to get a hold of something, or just indulging with that special someone, there’s something for everyone within T-Mobile.

The “A” in “April” means “AAHHHH it’s still cold!”

Warm you up on April’s harshest days with this soccer ball stuffed with cheese and butter

Every year, as a guide at T-Mobile Park, layering, like you don’t have to buy an expensive ballpark blanket when the wind is blowing over the water on a crisp April night and your teeth are chattering.But it’s also important to dress in layers on the inside. coffee from cafe vita Hold it in your hand instead of the hand warmer you were instructed to pack, located on the 1st base side of the 100th level (133), that you may have forgotten.Click here for the main event Holy Smoke BBQ (Sections 105 and 313) to obtain “Holly Molly Baked Potato”— Fluffy, creamy baked potato about the size of a hiking boot, smeared with salt and butter, stuffed with two cheeses (shredded Tillamook cheddar and jalapeño cheese sauce), a handful of pulled pork, scallions and crema drizzle . If you don’t like it, Clam chowder in a bread bowl from Ivar’s (117, 335) is always a solid, stomach-warming move.

Dog Days of Summer (yes, shut up):

On the other end of the spectrum, it keeps things light on hot, sunny days gaming where exhilaration is key The Catch’s Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl (by Just Poke) Section 132.or new Crispy taquitos with fresh fish at Edgar’s (Pen, 212). Taquitos are really good. Spicy and crispy, stuffed with seasoned cod and grilled serrano peppers, garnished with a fresh lime to squeeze. For a refreshing quaff, skip the beer and head to Section 338’s Penn, Trident Deck, or Box Score Bar Tito’s for a batch cocktail made with fresh, local ingredients. scottie’s juice—Choose from a Paloma made with fresh grapefruit juice and Fever Tree grapefruit soda, a spiked strawberry lemonade, or my favorite, fresh watermelon juice and Tito’s. salt & straw For a scoop of “Seattle”-inspired flavors, the focus is on T-Mobile exclusive flavors featuring Beecher’s flagship cheddar and apple pie cinnamon roll pieces (if that sounds odd, the cheese flavor is very guaranteed to be delicious). Mild), but a vegan option, the coconut milk-based marionberry sorbet is refreshingly sour and not too heavy, making it the perfect summer day game.

Wearing dark wash jeans and a Midnight Navy Dustin Ackley jersey:

These quesadillas are delicious, but as portable as the 1994 Gateway computer

The cruelest thing the Mariners have ever done was destroying the silver stands that lined the field on the 100th floor. It was my favorite place to scarf a piece of pizza, like the back alley raccoon I am inside. ah. However, on the bullpen rails or in centerfield he can find a convenient shelf to assemble Lepast if he goes to the 100th level concourse. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare the following foods. Tasty but very messy:

  • Short Rib Sandwich (Holy Smokes BBQ): This sandwich features tender dry smoked short ribs marinated in a house-made barbecue sauce, beautifully complemented by tangy citrus coleslaw and horseradish cream. Also, without a stable base, it will drip completely, so make sure you have a flat surface (i.e. not your knees) before eating.
  • Barbecue Brisket/Shrimp Quesadillas (Edgar’s): These folded quesadillas are designed to be portable and ballpark-friendly, but the abundance of ingredients makes them a little messier to walk around and more likely to drip. features a fire-roasted fajita vegetable blend and heaping servings of charcoal-grilled bay shrimp with Asadero cheese and chipotle crema, while the brisket version features roasted peppers and onions, grilled pineapple pico de gallo, Layered with avocado crema. But it’s more messy than the Housewives reunion special. Pull up on the bullpen rail patch and let the fun begin (don’t forget the hand sanitizer before and after and have a spare napkin).

I literally eat a lot of these as long as I am legally allowed to

  • Sticky Smoked Pork Wings (Holy Smokes BBQ): My new favorite, these slow-roasted, tender-off-the-bone pork wings shine with a glossy, tangy BBQ sauce. They’re finished with jalapeño rounds for some of the zippers and glisten with a handful of scattered pomegranate seeds. But if a saucy, super-soft bite falls off the bone, the stakes are high here. Consume.
  • Ham Swaggerty Sandwich (Walk-Off Markets): Like its name, this seemingly ordinary old ham sandwich has a spicy, swag kick of dionnaise, wild baby arugula and spicy giardiniera, served with aged havarti, caramelized onions and honey-cured ham. eat. It’s not as messy as other items on this list, but like Haggerty himself, some ingredients can break if you’re not careful.

Free Solo/Portable Treats:

On the other hand, if you’re flying solo, using an SRO ticket, or don’t want to put yourself in the cheap seat you bought at level 300, you need a portable snack. Premiering May 22nd at the Park, West Seattle moto pizza We sell 1-foot long pizzas in specially designed boxes inspired by hot dog wrappers/churro sleeves so you can walk and nibble at the same time. Edgar’s Helmet Nachos, Din Tai Fung New Salt and Pepper Popcorn Chicken (if you’re daring, hook some source), or Not bulky From the value menu—you know you want it, and “I didn’t want to cause a mess” is a perfectly good reason. Please put it in

Date night:

There’s nothing more romantic than sharing a Trump-style pizza with a lady.

Skip the garlic fries and moto pizza, cut in two pieces, perfect for sharing. If you want to stay on the theme, you can get the ‘kissed’ pizza, sausage and pepperoni ‘kissed’ with spicy honey, while the ‘Mr. Pig’ (lechon-style pork belly, mango-cilantro chimichurri) , Garlic Banana Ketchup) is the best-selling product for a reason.and Chateau Sun.Michelle Barr (Section 126).

Honey, I fed my children:

One thing I don’t like doing with my kids at the ballpark is standing in line without seeing the Mariner Moose. walk-off market (Sections 126, 141, 185, and 341) Easy to pick up both ballpark favorites and healthy options like salads and wraps. If so, they might enjoy the novelty of ordering from the all emoji menu. tick tick boom, and the chicken sandwich is tame enough for little palates. The 7th Fear (The Greatest Meltdown) with our newly expanded value menu of snacks with more kid-friendly and healthier options like hummus and pretzels, carrots with ranch dressing, apple slices and Uncrustables. area). Find Value Menu items at all of the Rolling Roof locations scattered throughout the park.

Baseball on a budget:

calzone >>> “pizza pizza”

If you are looking for the best value for your food, Calzone ($15) ballard pizza company (“Pen”) offers one, if not the best calorie return for $1. What else can you expect from Big Dumper-inspired foods? Be aware that this bready delight may be a little heavier on the outside of the bread than the delightfully gooey inside of sausage and pepperoni. please give me. (Section 241 also has a BPC, but if you’re there, have a customizable mac and cheese stand. It’s the king of ballpark items that fills your belly at an affordable cost, and sadly at club level Drinks, see Mariners Beer Finder in the Ballpark app for a list of $5 and $6 value cans and included drinks. Of course, there are also non-alcoholic, gluten-free, and non-beer options. Haza!

Vegetarian Delight:

Gone are the days when vegetarians were limited to a sad slice of plain cheese pizza in the park. Marinade Offering “sexy tofu” as an option on the Luau lunch plate, Din Tai Fung Boasting veggie buns, you can get vegetarian versions of ballpark standards like the Impossible Dog naturalImpossible Burger big league burgeror sweet potato cantina nachos EdgarsIf you want pizza, there are some options that aren’t just cheese.My favorite is Root at moto pizzaserved with northwestern mushrooms, copious amounts of olives, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

A note on gluten-free/gluten-friendly options: I asked about this on Food Preview and emailed the GM of Mariners’ hospitality partner Sodexo Live! to request a list of gluten-free/friendly items. ; I will update this story when I hear back. However, here’s what I got from the conversation: If you have a severe gluten allergy or celiac disease, it’s almost impossible to be 100% sure that an item made at the ballpark will be used. completely Cross-contamination is a persistent threat in environments like ballparks, where space is limited and high volumes of human trafficking are common, so gluten-free. Everything is safe to eat. For example, pre-assembled salads and protein plates natural again walk-off marketIf you’re highly intolerant to gluten and cross-contamination poses a significant threat to you, your safest route is definitely to pack your own meals and stick to just drinks at the ballpark. available as well as seltzer). Avoid using refillable soda fountains in public places, or bring sanitized wipes to wipe your cup after watering (this is probably good advice for everyone).

If you’re not strictly ‘gluten-free’ but have a more ‘gluten-friendly’ diet, you can ask about garlic fries. Some grounder stands have dedicated fryers for fries, but ask the person on duty and play if hesitant. Safe. again, natural You can get gluten free hotdogs on gluten free buns, but tell them up front that you want gluten free buns and make sure there is no cross contamination with tongs. Some workers are more trained in these procedures than others. Fun fact: grasshoppers are gluten-friendly too!

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