Florida’s Surgeon General is a threat to citizens

An anesthesiologist friend who lives in Orlando calls her condition “Flori-Dumb.” This is largely due to public health being endangered by misinformation and disinformation from Dr. Joseph Radapo, Florida’s Public Health Director. Like the bizarre character in Florida author Carl Hiacen’s fictional book about a deranged governor escaping to the Everglades and living in Roadkill, Radapo is scientifically illiterate, and has been exposed to COVID-19 and more. seem to be completely ignorant about the dangers of infectious respiratory diseases in How they spread and how they can be prevented.

Ladapo has long questioned the safety of COVID vaccines, joining a petition early in the pandemic to oppose the FDA’s expedited emergency use authorization for mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. He also wrote an op-ed article criticizing community lockdowns and the use of face masks.

becomes terrible

February, Radapo sent a letter FDA Commissioner Robert Calif and CDC Director Rochelle Wallenski were riddled with false claims about the dangers of mRNA vaccines (and he misspelled the city where the FDA is headquartered). ). Some of the data in the letter appeared to be completely fabricated. That is, it was inconsistent with safety data found elsewhere. It was clear that Ladapo did not understand the purpose and method of reporting side effects or “adverse events” of vaccines. Federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Radapo cited a number of adverse effects from vaccines reported to VAERS, but as articulated on the CDC website: “As an early warning system, VAERS has proven that vaccines have caused problems.” Specifically, a report to VAERS does not mean that the vaccine caused an adverse event.”

Still, Ladapo’s accusations against mRNA vaccines are based almost entirely on reports to VAERS.

The FDA’s Caliphate and CDC’s Walensky have not let Ladapo’s misunderstandings and misrepresentations go unchecked. They sent him his scathing four-page letter denouncing his claims that the COVID-19 vaccine is “harmful.”

“The claim that the increase in VAERS reports of life-threatening conditions reported from Florida and elsewhere represents an increased risk posed by the COVID-19 vaccine is incorrect, misleading, and misleading to the American public. “Reporting an adverse event to VAERS after vaccination does not mean that the vaccine caused the event,” they wrote.

Their letter concludes: “Misleading people by exaggerating the risks or emphasizing them without acknowledging the overwhelming benefits unnecessarily deters vaccination, leading to deaths and deaths that could have been prevented by timely vaccination. It puts people at risk for serious illness.”

Florida's Chief of Surgeons, Dr. Joseph Radapo, is using misleading information to provoke vaccine hesitation, two US public health agencies have alleged.

Chris O’Meara/AP

Florida’s Chief of Surgeons, Dr. Joseph Radapo, is using misleading information to provoke vaccine hesitation, two US public health agencies have alleged.

Even if Radapo doesn’t trust federal officials, there are other credible sources. For example, an analysis by The Commonwealth Fund, an independent health care research nonprofit, found that COVID-19 vaccination in the United States will cause more than 3 million additional deaths and 18.5 million deaths from December 2020 onwards. Additional hospitalizations and an estimated 120 million additional cases could have been prevented. Until November 2022.

but there is more

A Radapo announcement last October said young men should not get the COVID-19 vaccine. This is based on a state analysis that showed that the risk of heart-related deaths was significantly increased in some age groups after vaccination and is contrary to medical advice. Published by the CDC. However, it appears that Radapo himself improperly manipulated the Florida data. An early draft of the analysis showed that COVID infection may increase the risk of heart-related deaths more than vaccination, but that information came from the Florida Department of Health.

Radapo’s recommendations and state analysis have been criticized by experts, including professors and epidemiologists at the University of Florida, where he teaches. Hitchings said the analysis section was omitted simply because it did not fit the story General Surgeon was pushing. rice field.

Florida, the third most populous state in the United States, has the highest proportion of elderly people and is woefully under-vaccinated. One reason is almost certainly the anti-vaccine advocacy of state Surgeon Generals. As such, she’s responsible for many of her COVID-related deaths of about 90,000 in Florida during the pandemic so far. Due to the legal doctrine of limited liability, Radapo is unlikely to see the inside of a courtroom, but I believe there are some sanctions he deserves.

radapo should go

The first is obvious. Now that Radapo’s next term has been confirmed by the Florida Senate, it is now up to Governor Ron DeSantis to remove Radapo for professional misconduct that has harmed the citizens of Florida. In fact, DeSantis should never have appointed him to the position of Surgeon in the first place.

Second, the University of Florida Medical School should strip him of his teaching position for professional misconduct. In addition to the improper manipulation of data in vaccination studies, a professorial committee found that Radapo’s employment had a number of worrying “irregularities” that “appeared to be in violation of the spirit and could not be reviewed.” So far, the letter of UF’s hiring rules and procedures is accurate, especially in the important role faculty members play in evaluating the qualifications of their peers.

Third, the Florida Medical Commission’s website states that it was “established to ensure that all physicians practicing in this state meet minimum requirements for safe practice.” It states that it “licenses, monitors, trains, educates, and, if necessary, rehabilitates physicians.” other practitioners to ensure their fitness and ability to serve the people of Florida.” Radapo does not meet that standard and his medical license should be suspended.

Finally, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody should investigate whether Radapo’s actions met the necessary elements of civil or criminal negligence.

as a doctor. “It is the job of public health officials across the country to protect the lives of those they serve,” Caliph and Warenski wrote in the letter.

Radapus did the exact opposite.

Henry I. Miller is a physician, molecular biologist, and Glenn Swogger Distinguished Fellow of the American Council on Science and Health in Redwood City, California. He was the founder of his FDA’s Office of Biotechnology.

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