Flash star Michael Shannon on what to expect from General Zod

one of the most exciting aspects of flashbesides Michael Keaton’s Batman, Michael Shannon could reprise his role as General Zod in 10 years. man of steelbut fans may want to adjust their expectations. flash juggles many characters, including Supergirl, and General Zod is just one piece in this multiverse puzzle that Ezra Miller’s Flash must contend with.

Certain characters were reportedly cut flash, leaving General Zod and his Kryptonian army to Supergirl, two different Barry Allen, and Keaton’s Batman. expected to fulfill. as a result, flash It is packed with characters that are integral to the multiverse story.

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In an interview with Looper, Shannon says she tried to get back into Zod’s skin, but this time it’s a different personality. You can’t really know what he’s thinking,” Shannon said. You can watch it one by one, but it’s really an Ezra movie.”

Shannon also admits to being confused as to why they called him back flashsee how Zod died man of steel“I think I died in ‘Man of Steel’ from memory. Did they really find the right person?” He confesses that the concept of was unfamiliar to him. “I loved making ‘Man of Steel,’ I loved working with Zack, and it felt like a pretty important movie in some ways.” “Andy is a great guy and a great visual artist. I had a lot of fun.”

We can speculate that this will be a shallower version of General Zod than the multidimensional character. man of steelIt’s the same character, so those aspects are still there. man of steel.

Despite criticism of the VFX, flash Scheduled for April, early screenings have received overwhelmingly positive responses.Shannon’s comments can be interpreted in many ways. Still, audiences can hardly blame Andy Muschietti for not giving the actor much. flash With how big this story is, it’s nice to see fans see Zod again when there was no particular reason the character had to return in the first place. Provide a proper ending to the previous storyline brought in by Snyder, Affleck’s Batman, and promise to open the door to a DCU reboot, so that Shannon’s comments don’t speak to wider issues. I hope

flash Scheduled to be released in theaters on June 16, 2023.

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