First Air Trip, ‘Light of Hope’ for Sight Recovery: Chandigarh Acid Attack Survivors Seek Treatment in Chennai

The Adani Foundation has sponsored Kafi’s travel and treatment at Sankara Nesralaya, Chennai. She recently topped the school with her 95.2 percent score on the Class 10 CBSE exam.

kafi, acid attack survivor, chandigarh, chennai, cure, indian expressCuffy and his family. (express photo)

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Kafi, a 15-year-old acid attack survivor, recently made news for topping her school Having scored 95.2 percent on the Class 10 CBSE exam, she was due to fly from Chandigarh to Chennai on Sunday to seek treatment to restore her sight.

The Adani Foundation sponsors Kafi and her father Pawan Kumar’s travel, stay, medical examination and surgery (where recommended) at Sankara Nesraraya, Chennai.

Kafi told the Indian Express newspaper: I’ve never been on an airplane, but after all these years, I hold a faint hope that my eyesight may be restored. “

According to her, when the Adani Foundation contacted her after she headed the Institute for the Blind at Sector 26, her family told the Adani Foundation about Sankara Netralaya and offered to sponsor the trip and treatment. It says.

Kafi was 3 when she went blind in 2011 when three men threw acid at her during a Holi performance. Her subsequent six years were her trying days as her parents visited several hospitals across the country and she spent more than Rs 2 million to regain her sight.

As Kafi’s family struggled to make ends meet and moved from Hisar, Haryana, where her father once ran a steel mill, the three convicted men completed their two-year sentences in 2018. and left the country. Her father appealed to the High Court, which is still pending.

Kafi entered first grade at Hisar’s school when she was eight years old. Realizing that she was falling behind in her studies, her parents moved to Chandigarh when she was ten, and she enrolled in the Institute for the Blind.

Kafi and her family currently live in Shanti Nagar, Sector 13. Her parents believed her birth was “enough” to complete her family, hence the name “Kafi”.

Date first published: May 28, 2023 14:24 IST

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