Financial aid to medical students expands with new signatures on governor’s bill

Topeka, Kansas (WIBW) – Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly’s new signature expands financial aid to medical students in Sunflower and expands services for children in the justice system.

On Friday, May 12, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly said she signed House Bill 2060 into law. A bipartisan bill would provide financial aid to students attending medical school.

Governor Kelly suggested the bill would expand the financial assistance program through the University of Kansas School of Medicine. This expansion will include those studying primary care medicine and psychiatry, especially in rural Sunflower State.

“Primary care physicians and psychiatric specialists are needed statewide,” Kelly said. “This provides an opportunity for recent graduates to enter the medical field to meet the needs of the people of Kansas while receiving relief from student loan debt incurred to become a medical professional.”

The bill would double the number of contracts available to KUMC students under the Kansas Medical Student Loan Program and add obstetricians and gynecologists to the list of permissible practices, the governor said.

The bill also authorizes the Kansas Board of Trustees to award scholarships for osteopathic medical services to undergraduate Kansasians who are enrolled in or admitted to a pre-accredited school.

Kelly also said the bill would continue to provide incentives to community colleges and technical schools across the state for those who earned or continued to earn a GED while enrolled in a qualifying technical career education program. It pointed out.

The governor also said he signed House Bill 2021 to expand services for juveniles in the justice system.

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