Farrah Abraham slams Kardashian family plastic surgery

Talk about her work! Teen Mom OG Alum Farrah Abraham She denounced the Kardashian-Jenner family’s plastic surgery.

Farrah, 31, shared a screenshot of the news headline through her Instagram story on Wednesday, May 10, which read, “Kardashian fans thought Kim was exactly like the now infamous figure. There is. teen mom Star has been criticized by fans for saying the mogul “had had too much surgery.” ”

“This makes me laugh,” the former MTV personality wrote in a snap featuring a side-by-side shot of herself and her. Kim Kardashianface. “If the Kardashians were watching @teenmom it wouldn’t have ended like this. Thankfully I live like the helpless Kardashians who live like fashion is their identity No, Fara, I love how my face filters have been used billions of times [sic]. I believe in anti aging medicine. ”

Despite slamming her famous family, Farrah has been open about the cosmetic changes she’s undergone over the years. In 2010, team mom Alum says he’s had breast augmentation surgery our weekly The following year, “I thought I could be happier” when it came to bust ups.

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Two years later, Farah said EXCLUSIVELY: in contact she said, “Finally [felt] when he underwent a rhinoplasty and chin implant that cost about $16,000 at the time.

“I’ve hated my nose since I was 13,” she explained. “Never have to hate something on your face again.”

However, Farah realized that she was not satisfied with the results of the surgery and removed the implant from her jaw.

“I wouldn’t have had to have my jaw implants removed, that’s for sure,” she admitted. Lifestyle “It’s definitely a dimple. But you know, so many things happen that you can’t control everything.”

Aside from her upper body, Farah has been open about having butt implants for years, sharing photos and videos of herself getting injections in her buttocks on social media.

Nonetheless, she also emphasized that natural skin care is at the top of her to-do list. In February, the reality TV personality said on her Instagram Stories that chomping on her skin made her face “shiny.”

“I’m hooked,” Farah said, showing off the peeling aftermath. “My skin is the healthiest it’s ever been.”

As for the Kardashian-Jenner couple, the whole family is open about what kind of plastic surgery they’ve had. Kim, 42, revealed in July 2022 exactly what surgery she underwent.

‘Just a little bit of Botox,’ said Skims founder Allure She said she had “no padding” on her cheeks or lips at the time. “I’ve never met either,” Kim added. “I’ve never filled my cheeks. I’ve never filled my lips…my eyebrows are real.”

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