Experts say patients should be hypnotized before surgery to reduce use of painkillers

Doctors say NHS patients should be hypnotized before surgery to reduce their dependence on strong painkillers.

The Royal College of Anesthetists is asking more patients to give them self-hypnosis recordings to listen to before treating them with a knife.

In a UK trial of children having a catheter inserted into their heart, children who heard a nurse reading a hypnotic script beforehand had to reduce their sedative doses.

Pediatrician Samantha Black helped develop RCoA’s hypnotic recordings. She told a meeting of the Royal Society of Medicine that patients should be encouraged to listen to recordings at home before surgery.

Hypnosis is not part of standard training for healthcare workers(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

she said: Patients may wait several hours for surgery. It is difficult to relax in such an environment. It should be integrated into the medical curriculum. ”

There is no record of how often medics use hypnosis, and it is not part of their standard training.

However, hospitals and professional associations of doctors in many countries are increasingly offering training sessions in hypnosis techniques.

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