Everything we know about Tammy Slaton’s new surgery

after her bariatric surgery 1000 pound sisters Star Tammy Slaton will have to undergo another surgery. While on the series, Tammy’s weight loss journey was beset with many problems. However, the reality star has stepped up her activity in recent months after stints at rehab centers. However, she now needs to take further steps in her weight loss journey.

Tammy Slaton’s 1000 Pound Sister Journey

Amy and Tammy's Journey Season 2 | 1000 Pound Sisters

When Fans Met Tammy Slaton During Season 1 1000 pound sisters, she weighed over 600 pounds and was far from her weight loss goal. Together with her sister Amy Slaton, they both weighed 1000 pounds. But it didn’t take long before Amy dropped enough weight to qualify for her bariatric surgery. Her advances left her older sister Tammy feeling alone on the show.

For much of the series, Tammy struggled to lose weight and gained even more weight, peaking at a ridiculous 717 pounds. At this point, she was almost bedridden and dying. But as Tammy, who barely survived her health crisis at the end of Season 3, she realized she had to make a radical change if she wanted to stay alive.

Tammy spent most of Season 4 in a rehab facility in Ohio and by the summer of 2022 had lost enough weight to have a successful bariatric surgery.Since then she lost over 300 pounds And it’s undergoing a revival of sorts. Recently, Tammy thrilled her fans by sharing a photo of herself leaning back and standing on her own.

Despite her impressive success, Tammy is determined not to rely on oars. She’s been weighing several options to improve her look, and recently it was reported that she’s made the following decision. undergo another major procedure. The surgery serves as a necessary step in Tammy’s weight loss journey. Here’s everything you need to know about Tammy’s new surgery.

Tammy’s upcoming surgery will cost a lot

Since entering a rehab center in Ohio, Tammy has lost more than 300 pounds, causing excessive sagging of the skin all over her body, especially around her neck. This was understandably a cause for concern for Tammy. weigh some options It has helped improve her appearance over the past few months.

last month, Sun Tammy is reportedly preparing to undergo another major surgery. The surgery would unintentionally cause Tammy to lose even more weight, as doctors would remove excess skin around her body. But the 11-hour surgery would be expensive, as the reality star has to spend more than $85,000 on the surgery. On the bright side, she will be relieved of a heavy burden and will be given a chance in her daily life.

One of the areas of her body where loose skin is most noticeable is her neck. Ms. Tammy was able to lose her weight and slim her face considerably, but it also meant that the skin under her neck had shrunk down tremendously.in the middle Exclusive interview Richard Westreich, M.D., told The Sun newspaper that while Tammy has some hope in the form of plastic surgery, it is very common among weight loss surgery patients. However, surgery is expensive 1000 pound sisters Star.

Given that she has no source of income, 1000 pound sisters With the TLC contract, Tammy may need financial assistance. Nonetheless, this isn’t the first time her sisters have asked fans for donations. In 2015, Amy opened her GoFundMe to pay for a casket three times her size for a hospitalized Tammy. However, the two have come a long way since then.

Sister Tammy, who weighs 1000 pounds, can’t afford to relapse

Amy and Tammy 1000 Pound Sisters

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One of Tammy’s side effects from bariatric surgery is excessive sagging skin. Sagging skin caused by rapid weight loss, especially in patients undergoing surgery, is caused by the skin stretching beyond its limits to accommodate the excess weight. As you lose weight, the skin may not contract completely and the incomplete contraction cycle may cause the skin to sag.

During an interview, Dr. Richard Westreich, a plastic surgeon, said: explained Tammy’s surgery requires careful excision of excess skin around her body. This procedure is very dangerous, requires a great level of skill and is expensive. But the plastic surgeon warned that it would all be in vain if Tammy relapsed. This is because the skin will stretch again and return to its original state.

This made fans fear Tammy because of her worry about lack of discipline. Throughout her weight loss journey, Tammy struggled to reach her goals. Tammy’s inability to control food addiction and other bad health habits hindered his progress. This is underscored by the fact that she had to go through two rehab stays before finally having bariatric surgery in June 2022.

Despite all the hardships, Tammy quickly returned to her old habits. She left McDonald’s and was recently spotted smoking an e-cigarette while shopping at Walmart. She also bought Twinkies and other treats. Nonetheless, recent photos show Tammy’s weight loss progress. However, despite smoking e-cigarettes, Tammy seems intent on losing weight and has not shown any regression. I hope the 1000 Pound Sisters uphold this unusual form of discipline.

Sister Tammy, who weighs 1,000 pounds, may need plastic surgery

In some of Tammy’s other works recent social media videos, especially on TikTok, it was impossible to ignore the considerable saggy skin around her neck. Skin tightening is usually the first step for most weight loss patients, but unfortunately for Tammy, it doesn’t help much.

Over the years, Tammy’s excessive weight gain has stretched her skin to its limits.of 1000 pound sisters Star will have to take more drastic steps to fix it.Dr. Richard make cleard People like the Slaton sisters, who have lost more than 300 pounds in a short period of time, will need face and neck lifts and other expensive surgeries to remove excess skin around their bodies. he pointed out:

“Most patients like Tammy probably have a lot of problems with their arms and lower abdomen. Regular skin tightening treatments don’t work.”

However, due to Tammy’s recent trachea closure, surgery around her neck poses significant health risks. Although reality stars no longer need tubes to help them breathe. However, the holes are not fully healed and can easily become infected during any procedure such as a neck lift.

Tammy’s new surgery comes with more than enough risks, but the rewards far outweigh them. Still, it’s best to act cautiously and consider all variables before making a final decision. Besides costing her a lot of money, it is important that she only do things that are beneficial to her own health.

1000 pound sisters Fans have followed Tammy’s weight loss journey for years, but the surgery marks another step for her. It’s been over three years since she appeared on screen and Tammy has finally achieved her goal. However, some minor hurdles still exist. 1000 pound sisters A star to overcome.

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