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Eric Roxbury was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, attended Kent State University and has a career in sales, human resources and management in the retail industry.

With that background, Roxbury is the new general manager of Mentor’s Great Lakes Mall.

According to a news release, Roxbury will take over the GM position previously held by Kate Miller, who has been promoted to WPG’s Regional Marketing Director.

Eric Roxbury (submitted)

As general manager, Roxbury will lead the center’s operations at the mall. As part of the management team, he plans on-site events, works with local media, and engages with retailers and the community.

“Before moving to Medina, I grew up on the East side and supported Mentor’s large retailers in one of my past positions, so I have a fair amount of knowledge about the community and the retailers that operate in the area. Great Lakes Mall,” said Roxbury. “Mentor is a great neighborhood and we were thrilled with the idea of ​​being part of the city’s largest retail hub and making a difference.”

Roxbury was the general manager of several Best Buy retailers in the Cleveland and Akron areas, according to the release. She then worked in the Human Resources department, where she was promoted to Regional Sales Manager.

Roxbury wants to keep the mall as an attractive destination for businesses and patrons, as well as expand what’s already open to the public.

“My goal is to ensure retailers and guests have a world-class experience,” he said.

“Our goal is to continue our role as the community’s primary gathering place and shopping center,” he added. “We want to continue to build and combine a variety of national, regional and local products to continue providing a space for retailers to grow and thrive.”

Roxbury noted the recent closure of the Chick Fil-A and Subway food courts, and said the mall has an opportunity to partner with new businesses such as Bubble House and The Original Hot Dog Factory.

“Closing is an opportunity to introduce new tenants to our guests,” he said. “We are very pleased to report that Bubble House, serving ice cream, bubble tea, shakes and acai bowls, has opened in the former Subway space. Additionally, The Original Hot Dog Factory will open in two weeks. is.

“There has been considerable interest in the former Chick-fil-A space and we look forward to announcing new and exciting dining options in the coming weeks.”

According to the release, the Great Lakes Mall will feature retail, dining and entertainment venues from more than 120 countries and territories and host numerous events and activities throughout the year.

It’s a huge facility with a lot of moving elements and responsibilities, but I’m sure Roxbury is up to the challenge of running a show.

“I’m ready and eager to take on a challenge,” he said. “Great is thrilled to be part of his team at Lakes Mall as we continue to provide our customers with the most dynamic shopping experience.”

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