Eric Dier to miss Leeds clash after groin surgery

Tottenham Hotspur announced this afternoon that Eric Dier has undergone groin surgery this week and will miss the final game of the season against Leeds on Saturday.

But that’s not all! Alasdair Gold has also just provided important background that perhaps we all need to rethink what Dyer went through. Essentially, Dier seems to have played through injuries since this winter’s World Cup.

Dier hasn’t seen the pitch since his two-minute cameo at the end of the game against Crystal Palace. He was out of the squad against Aston Villa and was an unused substitute against Brentford. To be honest, watching this made me rethink a lot of my assumptions about his play in the second half of the season. Sure, he was bad, but he now feels obligated to consider those terrible performances in the context of Dyer trying to help his team by playing through a groin injury. I don’t know how much that injury affected him, but I do know that at the level of professional athletes, even minor injuries can have a big impact on performance.

I hope so, at least. I like Eric Dier (and Eric Dier likes me too), so it’s a little sad to see him nearly fall off a cliff on defense this season. I’d certainly like to think he’s still better than what he showed this season and with treatment for treatment and an offseason he can come back even stronger next season (even if he does come back). and).

Anyway, what is at least clear is that Eric Dier was prepared to go through some pain and discomfort and play as the manager asked him to achieve the best he could at Tottenham. That might not change everyone’s opinion of him, but it certainly makes us think a little more about what we’ve seen from him this spring.

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