Emma Raducanu shows scars after surgery

Photo: Emma Raducanu showing her post-surgery scars
(Provided by Tennis World USA)

A surgical cast has been removed from 20-year-old Briton Emma Raducanu’s hand after she revealed the scars from her surgery on Instagram. On May 3, Radukhanu underwent surgery on his right wrist. Two days later, Radukhanu underwent surgery on his left ankle.

Ten days later, Radukanu also had her left wrist surgically repaired.

Radukanu aims for smooth recovery and return

After being forced to end the 2022 season a little early, Radukanu’s battle with injuries continued into early 2023.

At two recent tournaments in Miami and Stuttgart, it was clear that Raducane was hampered by ongoing wrist problems. For Radukhanu, it was her boiling point and the British decided it was best to take a break from tennis and treat her injury surgically.

On May 3, Radukanu announced in a lengthy message posted on social media that he would be undergoing surgery. “It is safe to say that the last 10 months have been difficult to deal with recurring bone injuries in both hands. I could have cut back a lot, skipped a few weeks of training and tried to cut back on last season. [to] heal it

Unfortunately, that’s not enough. To solve this problem, I have a simple procedure on both hands. Unfortunately, I will be out for the next few months, during which time I will have another minor surgery on my ankle.

It hurts me so much to miss the summer event, but I tried to downplay the issue, so thank you to all the fans who have continued to support me without knowing the facts. We look forward to seeing you all again,” Radukhanu said earlier this month.

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