Emergency hold helps men get mental health treatment

Dr. Erika Kube

Dr. Erika Kube

I was returning to my desk after seeing another patient in the emergency department (ED) when the police walked in with a very well-dressed young man. He was cooperative with the police officers who were escorting him, but he repeatedly yelled that he needed to leave, that they needed to release him.

Police took the patient to his room in the ED and informed the nurse that he had been placed in a “pink slip.” length of time.

A policeman who was with John said the police were called by the store manager because John was hanging out at the back door of the store, and are there to check the store for poison being sent by a group of bad people. said to the workers. They ignored him the first day and thought he would leave, but when he didn’t leave on the second day and started showing signs of agitation and pressured speech, they called 911. Did.

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