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A controversial vote for the judge’s post on the Ellicott City Council in recent months seems to have prompted some to run for office.

At this month’s caucuses, town Democrats nominated: “Full slate” Number of Candidates Running for Elections This Year: Town Supervisor, Town Clerk, Town Judge, and Town Committee in all four districts.

Town Democratic Committee Chairman James Jarosinski said 25 to 30 residents attended the May 10 caucuses. In most election years, it’s not uncommon for five people to show up to nominate a candidate, he said.

Dzarozynski, who is also seeking re-election as mayor of Falconer in November, cited recent votes by the Ellicott town council as one reason for the surge in candidates. In March, city council members approved a resolution to abolish one of the two Judges positions currently held by Marilyn Gerace, whose term expires at the end of the year.

The board withdrew the resolution at its meeting this month after the vote was widely criticized, most vocally by Jealous himself.

“It was attended by a very large number of townspeople who were clearly concerned about the recent actions of the current town committee.” Yarosinski told the Post Journal in a statement. “For the first time in years, there were many people interested in running for office this year. Many expressed concerns about the need for more open government and transparency. We don’t want an open policy.”

Jarozynski’s wife, Sally, is another magistrate serving the town of Ellicott. She also questioned city council members about passing the resolution in March.

The town’s Democrats are endorsing the following candidates in the Nov. 7 election. Todd Beckerinck is the town supervisor. Adrian Swanson as Town Clerk. James Rensel, City Council, First Ward. Dave Lamantia, City Council, Second Ward. Steve Seibert, City Commissioner, Third Ward. Daniel McNeil, City Council, Fourth Ward. And Jeres for justice in town.

Beccalink, Swanson, Lamantia and Gerace are all registered Democrats. Mr Rensel is a member of the Conservative Party, but Mr Seibert and Mr McNeill are not from the Conservative Party.

Democrat Patrick Tyler, currently the sole seat on the First District’s city council, was nominated for re-election at the May 10 caucuses. But Rensel, who had been mayor of Falconer, was also nominated and received more votes from Democrats in attendance.

Tyler was not available for comment on Wednesday.

“I am pleased to report that we have a strong and experienced candidate pool, and we are very much looking forward to the November elections.” Yarosinski said.

Republican Janet Bowman is seeking her first term as town supervisor, replacing Patrick McLaughlin, who resigned early last year.

Amy Berardo is seeking re-election as a city employee, while Robert White (2nd District), Katie Whitmore (3rd District) and Kenneth Swan (4th District) are all seeking re-election as Republicans. I am submitting a petition to seek.

No Republican is eyeing the first district post on the town council or the elected judge position that Mr. Jealous has held for years.

For the first time in at least 20 years, townspeople will see multiple names for nearly every race. Town elections dating back to 1999 rarely featured multiple candidates running for town committee seats or supervisory positions.

Only one race was held in 2019.

The last election in which two candidates ran for town director was Tyler Miller III and Cecil Miller III in 2007.

Ellicott’s most intense election year since 1999 occurred in 2003, with four elections featuring multiple candidates.

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