Eden McCoy on General Hospital: Is she real-life friends with her co-stars?

They are as thick as today’s thieves.but when general Hospital We first cast Eden McCoy as Jocelyn in 2015, but it probably took a little longer before she realized she was in love with her on-screen mom, Laura Wright.

“I was a little scared of her on the first day,” McCoy confessed. melodrama digest“Yet I felt so much warmth from her, and it was right. She’s a mother, so she has a natural ability to make me feel at ease.”

General Hospital - Episode

These days, Jocelyn and Carly’s bond is as strong off screen as it is on screen. McCoy also became close with another castmate who was initially insecure. “I don’t remember the first time we met [Maura West]’ she said. Just the character she plays and the nature that surrounds her is terrifying. “

McCoy realizes that it is also an illusion. “Maura is just that kind of mother. “Generosity is the perfect word to describe her. When I met her, I didn’t expect it at first, but she’s a wonderful, caring woman. She’s amazing.”

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