DVIDS – News – National Guard Provides Treatment to Idaho, Nevada Tribes

About 100 civilian soldiers and airmen from the Arizona, Idaho, Minnesota, and Nevada National Guard were sent to two U.S. states, Idaho and Nevada, from May 11-26 as part of Operation Nimiipuu Health. Cared for indigenous tribes.

From May 16-18, the National Guard will provide medical, dental, and optometry services to the Nez Perce and surrounding communities of Lapwai, Idaho, and behavioral health services to the Shoshone Paiute and surrounding communities. In addition, they provided similar care. Duck Valley, Nevada, May 22-25.

“We were able to provide complementary health services to the tribes supporting tribal health facilities. It’s important,” said Lieutenant Colonel Tina Williams of Idaho National Guard Medical. Incident manager of the branch office. “For every patient we can see, it frees up our local clinics so we can see more patients.”

Operation Nimeepu Health is a multi-service training event sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense Reserves and led by the Army National Guard.
During the operation, Soldiers and Air Force personnel provided care for approximately 800 patients at two sites, and more than 3,700 procedures were performed. During his time in Lapuwai, the guardsmen cared for over 550 locals between Lapuwai, Kamia, and Kuskia, as well as building relationships with tribal leaders, local elders, and members of the Nimiipuu tribe. .

In Duck Valley, a guard found a tumor in a young patient, helped a man in the early stages of a heart attack, and cared for a woman whose retinal detachment was at risk of going blind if left undetected. . In addition, soldiers and airmen provided educational classes to students and participated in cultural events honoring the Shoshone Paiute.

The mission is part of the Department of Defense’s Innovative Readiness Training Program, which provides military personnel with hands-on, hands-on training to improve individual readiness while providing a vital service to American society. .

Senior Airman Gianna Gabrielli, a dental technician assigned to the Minnesota Air National Guard, said, “The skills I’m developing here at IRT are about interacting with patients, making them comfortable, and giving them the care they need.” It’s about working together to provide.” 133 Airlift Wing.

This cooperative program leverages military contributions and community resources to benefit local residents while building partnerships between the National Guard and communities.

“I’ve seen patients come here who wouldn’t normally come to our clinic because they were worried about being seen by someone they know in the community,” said Crystal Kelly, a tribal health care assistant at Owyhee Community Health Facility. said. “It’s been great to work with the National Guard on these programs.

The Idaho National Guard conducts multiple IRT projects per year with multiple tribes and worked to support the Shoshone Bannock Tribe during the 2021 COVID-19 pandemic.

“This IRT event addresses all three of my responsibilities to the Idaho National Guard,” said Idaho Lieutenant General Major General Michael Garshak. “It continues to hone our combat medical skills, address the range of health conditions that exist in these communities, and build strong relationships with Native American tribes across Idaho.”

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